Commentary: Zimbabwe Vs Ireland, 3rd ODI

Zimbabwe vs Ireland, 3rd ODI

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ZIM - 55/1 (13)

CRR:  4.23
Innocent Kaia*24(32)2075
Craig Ervine11(18)1061.11
Curtis Campher*1050
Mark Adair40151
Partnership: 26(38)
Last wkt: Chamu Chibhabha c Murray Commins b Mark Adair 16(28) - 29/1 in 6.4 ov.
Recent balls: ... 0 1 0 1 1 | 1 0 1 2 1 0 | Wd

Player of the Series


The captains receive the trophy from Hamilton Masakadza. It's time to bring the curtains down on this closely fought limited-overs series which was played in great spirit. Unfortunately we had to give you more weather updates than cricketing action today. On that sombre note, it's goodbye from all of us down here.

Harry Tector | Player of the Series: (On being awarded) It's never something you are striving for as a player, but very thankful for putting in match-winning performances. I was pretty confident. We've been fortunate to have played good ODIs in the last 12 months. I am just trying to play the situation. You can bat at various situations batting at four, I have enjoyed it. (On his bowling ) I don't think I am very good. Lucky that Balbirnie gave me a chance in the T20s. Still a lot of work to do.

Craig Ervine: Williams had the fracture in the T20 series, Chatara is struggling with a knee injury. We only got two weeks before the first Test (against West Indies). We looked at the wicket and felt that it was drier and also it's the second game played on that wicket. We felt spin would play a role and hence we decided to bat first. It's an important transition to have the youngsters mixed with the experienced players. It's important to get those youngsters in, but you also don't want them to be mentally exhausted. It's been a very well fought series. Always competitive against Ireland. Hard fought, but guys are good friends off the field.

Paul Stirling: I think it's a fair result. Disappointed we couldn't get out there, it was a good series. We have the balance now. You also need the experience at the top. It's a good strength. It's exciting, we really want to give our everything against Bangladesh. Hopefully we can get through (to the World Cup). If not, we know we'll come back here and give another nudge. Zimbabwe, we always enjoy coming here. Brilliant cricket, we love playing here.

14:47 Local Time, 12:47 GMT, 18:17 IST: Handshakes all around. The third and the final ODI - the series decider - has been called off! A real bummer! We had two cracking ODIs and even this one had all the ingredients to go the same way. But only 13 overs were bowled before the heavens opened up. Rain played peekaboo. It was one of those 'on and off rain' days. At one moment, the groundsmen even started to remove the covers. But the hopes of a resumption were quashed once it started to bucket down. There was one last try when the rain stopped, but there were far too many puddles. So, this is the scoreline: Zimbabwe 1 - 1 Ireland!

14:43 Local Time, 12:43 GMT, 18:13 IST: The umpires come back to have another look. A brisk walk along the perimeter of the covers sheltering the square....

14:27 Local Time, 12:27 GMT, 17:57 IST: Finally some movement. The super sopper is running on the covers. Can we still hope for a resumption? Now the umpires are out to have a look. And ... they walk back after a couple of minutes. The big covers are being removed.

JS Sandhu: How long till this is called off? 'We're trying to get the details, but the cut-off time is around 3:15 pm local for a 20-over game'

13:25 Local Time, 11:25 GMT, 16:55 IST: Oh dear! It's pelting down now at the Harare Sports Club. Chances of play looking bleak at the moment. More puddles are being formed.

Smit Chhadva: Why Duckworth Lewis method is not used in domestic matches? Does it need license to use? Or BCCI trusts VJD method more? How both are different? 'VJD method is used by the BCCI for all domestic games, DLS for international game as per ICC regulations'

Ammar Kardar: These games are more interesting than India vs NZ and SL games. So much fight from two underdog teams.

13:10 Local Time, 11:10 GMT, 16:40 IST: Scratch the previous update. The groundsmen bring in the covers again while the fourth umpire is seen standing under an umbrella. Back to square one!

Bimba Panthi: Are we going to start anytime soon or still a long way to go? 'They have started the cleaning up process, but there is still plenty of water on the covers and on the outfield'

13:00 Local Time, 11:00 GMT, 16:30 IST: The umpires make their way out to the middle. They probably had a chat with the curator before trudging back. Meanwhile, more covers are being removed by the ground staff and the super sopper is being operated as well.

12:30 Local Time, 10:30 GMT, 16:00 IST: Yay! The big covers are being peeled off by the groundsmen.

12:20 Local Time, 10:20 GMT, 15:50 IST: Oh no! The rain's back, probably just a drizzle but the mopping up operation has been halted.

Sachin Bansal: Harry Tector, the bowler, has been a revelation for Ireland to be honest. He is picking wickets almost every match. We have all seen his batting prowess but his bowling has further strengthened the spin department of Ireland.

12:02 Local Time, 10:02 GMT, 15:32 IST: The ground staff stride out to the middle and straightaway start the mopping up work. The umpires too have come out but only for a brief period.

Omesh Soni: The Irish team is full of talented players. A dashing opener, some talented all-rounders and a brilliant pace attack. On their day, they can even beat the top-ranked teams in white ball cricket.

11:50 Local Time, 09:50 GMT, 15:20 IST: The groundsmen have all gone back. A couple of men can be seen chatting with their umbrellas unfurled. The rain's back and the wait continues....

11:30 Local Time, 09:30 GMT, 15:00 IST: The groundsmen are out in the middle. For now, the super sopper is running on the covers. There's no rain now.

11:15 Local Time, 09:15 GMT, 14:45 IST: No positive update. The rain continues to fall and there are a few puddles as well. We'll be starting to lose overs soon.

Bimba Panthi: How is the weather condition now? Has it gotten any better? 'It is still raining and the forecast isn't promising either'

Reezil Thomas: Zimbabwe have plethora of options today in bowling especially in the spin department. However, I do believe, they could have included a batsman in the place of Brendon Mavuta as Ryan Burl is a leg spinner in the playing XI.

10:15 Local Time, 08:15 GMT, 13:45 IST: The groundsmen rush in to cover the 22-yard strip. Play stopped due to rain! The forecast predicted rain and it has arrived. Now, the bigger covers come in as well, which means that the rain has got heavier. The spectators, meanwhile, run to take cover. Let's hope that this won't be a long delay. We'll keep you updated...

13.1Campher to Kaia, wide, length ball down the leg-side, Kaia misses the flick

ZIM: 54-1 after 13 overs

12.6 Mark Adair to Ervine, no run, very full delivery from round the wicket, Ervine misses the flick and there's an appeal for lbw. The angle would have probably taken it down leg

12.5 Mark Adair to Kaia, 1 run, shortish delivery, Kaia swivels and pulls to deep square leg