Commentary: Zimbabwe Vs Ireland, 1st T20I

Zimbabwe vs Ireland, 1st T20I

Zimbabwe won by 5 wkts

IRE - 114 (19.2)
ZIM - 118/5 (18)

CRR:  6.56

Player of the Match


That is it from game 1! Zimbabwe have gone 1-0 up. Ireland tried their best with the ball but the damage done with the bat didn't help them. We will come back with more cricketing action.

Ryan Burl, Player of the Match: Nice from skip to give me a chance. Happy he gave me four overs. There was a lot of pitch assistance. We would want to be critical on ourselves. We would have loved to lose fewer wickets.

Craig Ervine: We were happy to chase 114. Probably could have been more clinical with the bat. We watched the Irish guys batting. We could have picked up more one's and two's. We probably faced few too many dots. Burl was exceptional. I wasn't too sure that it would carry (about the dropped chance).

Andy Balbirnie: We created enough chances but they took it away towards the end. 130-140 would have been a tricky chase. But we weren't able to. There wasn't enough turn but we didn't bat well. We just need to look back at the footage.

16:13 Local Time, 14:13 GMT, 19:43 IST: Zimbabwe have pulled it off by 5 wickets. They were in a spot of bother. Tector and Adair started brilliantly and Zimbabwe were put into trouble. Williams though took it on himself and was helped by Ballance who returned from exile. Ballance steadied the ship a little before falling to a waft outside off. But Williams held his own and finished it off while Madande played a lovely cameo. They have taken a 1-0 lead.

ZIM: 118-5 after 18 overs

17.6 Delany to Madande, FOUR, short ball, Madande goes back and pulls that over mid-wicket for a four. That was slammed away over the infield

17.5 Delany to Madande, no run, patted out into the off-side

17.4 Delany to Madande, FOUR, fuller ball, outside off, Madande drives the ball away and sends it wide of cover for a four. That was hit hard and the scores are level

17.3 Delany to Williams, 1 run, slapped to mid-off for a single

17.2 Delany to Williams, FOUR, fuller ball, outside off, Williams gets under it and lofted over mid-off for a four. That was hit really well

17.1 Delany to Madande, 1 run, fuller ball, outside off, jammed out off the inside edge into the on-side for a single

Gareth Delany [3.0-0-20-0] is back into the attack

ZIM: 104-5 after 17 overs

16.6 Dockrell to Madande, 1 run, down leg, paddled down to short fine. 11 needed off 18 balls

16.5 Dockrell to Madande, no run, fails to put it away as that was on the pads

16.4 Dockrell to Madande, FOUR, knees down and flogged across the line for a four. That was hit hard and over square leg

16.3 Dockrell to Williams, 3 runs, tossed up delivery, outside off, the batter looks to sweep and gets a top-edge for it to get it over the keeper. Was dragged back at the edge of the fence. They get a triple

16.2 Dockrell to Madande, 1 run, short ball, outside off, slapped away past cover for a single

16.1 Dockrell to Williams, 1 run, flogs that across the line and the ball lands short of the man at deep backward square for a single

George Dockrell [1.0-0-7-0] is back into the attack

ZIM: 94-5 after 16 overs

15.6 McCarthy to Madande, no run, right up there outside off and has been jammed out into the off-side