Commentary: Abu Dhabi Knight Riders Vs Desert Vipers, 9th Match

Abu Dhabi Knight Riders vs Desert Vipers, 9th Match

Desert Vipers won by 111 runs

DV - 219/4 (20)
ADKR - 108 (15.1)

CRR:  7.12

Player of the Match


That's all from our side from this game. As a result of this emphatic win, Desert Vipers move to the top spot in the points table. Was a commendable performence by them tonight! You guys can switch tabs and follow the live coverage of other ongoing matches. Ciao for now!

Hales, Player of the Match: It's a special feeling, getting a hundred in a new tournament, really a special feeling. I am experienced to understand my game. Focussing on one format has helped me improve my game. I was guilty of hanging back on the back foot in my early 20s. But you need to keep working and evolving. With all the analysts around it helps.

Colin Munro: Helps when Hales is in the form he is in. We have one of the best bowlers in the world, Cottrell. We were outstanding, there was some mad energy. Played a few lucky shots here and there, but was nice to get some runs under my belt. Need to keep challenging the guys to get better. It was pretty clinical from ball one. We have all bases coverered, got a great squad and good people around us.

Sunil Narine: When you lose it's tough. Getting the right combination is tough, that's how it goes sometimes. If you win the combination looks great. But we haven't been bowling and batting well. It's the team combination (reason for batting down the order). We back the guys to do the job. Hopefully we get early wickets, a good powerplay pretty soon.

21:10 Local Time, 17:10 GMT, 22:40 IST: A clinical victory for the Desert Vipers as they now have won three in three. Meanwhile, for the Knight Riders it's their fourth straight loss of the tournament. The only thing that clicked for the Knight Riders was probably the toss. Since then it was just a downward slope throughout the match. Alex Hales notched up a fantastic ton and his partnership with Munro was a magnificent one as the Vipers posted a massive first innings total. In reply, the Knight Riders could never get going and Cottrell bowled an impressive spell to derail the batting side. There was no chance to bounce back after such a feeble start and although Russell entertained us with a few lusty blows, the Vipers eventually won the match by a massive margin of 111 runs..

15.1Benny Howell to Matiullah Khan, out Lbw!! Matiullah is the last man out. He has been given out LBW and he has opted for a review. Was a length ball around middle and it cuts back in to beat the batter's defence and strike him on the pads. Nothing on UltraEdge, there's no bat involved. And the replays confirm three reds. That's game, set, match! Matiullah Khan lbw b Benny Howell 1(2)

Benny Howell to Matiullah Khan, THATS OUT!! Lbw!!

ADKR: 108-9 after 15 overs

14.6 Shiraz Ahmed to Kumara, no run, back of a length around off, steered to point by Kumara

Lahiru Kumara, left handed bat, comes to the crease

14.5 Shiraz Ahmed to Russell, out Caught by Mustafa!! End of the pyrotechnics by Russell. This was full and wide outside off, Russell goes down on his knee and slices it to deep point and the fielder stationed near the boundary takes a safe catch. Russell c Mustafa b Shiraz Ahmed 57(29) [4s-5 6s-5]

Shiraz Ahmed to Russell, THATS OUT!! Caught!!

14.4 Shiraz Ahmed to Russell, no run, low full toss by Shiraz Ahmed, Russell swings hard and mistimes this to long-on

14.3 Shiraz Ahmed to Russell, no run, wide full toss outside off, Russell slices this to deep backward point, doesn't take the run

14.2 Shiraz Ahmed to Russell, SIX, back-to-back sixes! Pitched up by Shiraz Ahmed around leg, Russell clears his front leg and tonks it over long-on for an 83 metre six

14.1 Shiraz Ahmed to Russell, SIX, fifty for Russell! A low full toss by Shiraz Ahmed and Russell has clubbed it over deep mid-wicket for a maximum. 100 up for Knight Riders

ADKR: 96-8 after 14 overs

13.6 Benny Howell to Russell, 1 run, back of a length around middle and leg, Russell clips this towards mid-wicket for one. The throw came in at the keeper's end who took off the bails accidentally, but the batter was in

13.5 Benny Howell to Russell, no run, on a length around off, Russell defends this into the off-side

13.4 Benny Howell to Russell, FOUR, drifting on the pads and Russell has glanced this away to the fine leg boundary, easy pickings

13.3 Benny Howell to Russell, no run, short of a length around off, Russell has a swing and a miss

13.2 Benny Howell to Matiullah Khan, 1 run, fraction short on middle and leg, worked through square leg for a single