Commentary: Melbourne Stars Vs Sydney Thunder, 56th Match

Melbourne Stars vs Sydney Thunder, 56th Match

Sydney Thunder won by 3 wkts

MLS - 119/7 (20)
SYT - 120/7 (18.5)

CRR:  6.37

Player of the Match


So that's all from the league stages. The race for the playoffs came right down to the final game and it's the Thunder who're going through at the expense of Hobart Hurricanes. There'll be a day's break before the playoffs get underway on Friday. We'll see you then! Goodbye!

Green, Player of the Match: Hard to describe the emotions. Have scraped in by the barest of margins. Have to rectify the batting. Bowling has been our strength. Have to keep that going. Batters need to stand up in the top four. Feedback was that it was bouncy. But we weren't busy enough. It's an exciting opportunity to host the final. Our fans are really excited. Can't wait to get at the Showground. It's a side we've beaten twice already.

22:29 Local Time, 11:29 GMT, 16:59 IST: It got more tense than they would've liked but Thunder have got the job done. They are through to the Eliminator where they will host Brisbane Heat. The target was only 120, but even that proved a struggle for their batting lineup which has underperformed this year. They lost wickets at the top, consumed too many dots and invited pressure on themselves. The pitch wasn't straightforward either, offering plenty of bounce for the bowlers. But a crucial cameo from Sams, scoring 28 off 18, turned the tide at the death. And in a low-scoring game as this one, sometimes that's all it takes.

18.5 Wood to McAndrew, FOUR, Thunder are through to the playoffs! McAndrew seals their qualification as he whacks this full delivery over midwicket and sends Hurricanes packing. Stars' forgettable campaign ends with a defeat

18.4 Wood to McAndrew, 2 runs, goes high off the top-edge but is over the keeper's head! Short ball on middle, McAndrew swings hard on the pull and gets lucky. Fine leg cuts it off

Just 6 needed off 9

18.3 Wood to McAndrew, 2 runs, full and wide, McAndrew slices it over cover, back for two

18.2 Wood to Chris Green, 1 run, short of length around off, Green punches it through point and settles for one as he sees Cartwright charging in

The physio is out to check on McAndrew. He looks fine

18.1 Wood to McAndrew, leg byes, 1 run, short ball angled in, hits McAndrew on the helmet as he misses the pull

Luke Wood [3.0-0-24-1] is back into the attack

Thunder need 10 off the final two overs to qualify for the playoffs. Hurricanes will go through if they fail.

SYT: 110-7 after 18 overs

17.6 Liam Hatcher to Chris Green, no run, good length around off, Green pushes wide of short cover where Zampa makes a diving stop

17.5 Liam Hatcher to McAndrew, 1 run, pitched up on off, McAndrew drives firmly but there's a desperate dive from Kellaway at mid-on to cut it off

17.4 Liam Hatcher to McAndrew, no run, banged in short, McAndrew looks to pull but is beaten by the bounce

17.3 Liam Hatcher to McAndrew, 2 runs, length ball just outside off, McAndrew opens the face and runs it wide of third man. He charges back for two

17.2 Liam Hatcher to McAndrew, no run, full ball that nips in sharply and goes right through McAndrew! Wasn't far from taking leg stump

Sandhu is padded up and seems like he will bat if needed

17.1 Liam Hatcher to McAndrew, no run, length ball on middle, McAndrew hangs back and defends to mid-on

Liam Hatcher [3.0-1-15-0] is back into the attack