Commentary: Brisbane Heat Vs Perth Scorchers, 37th Match

Brisbane Heat vs Perth Scorchers, 37th Match

Perth Scorchers won by 8 wkts

BRH - 155/6 (20)
PRS - 157/2 (16.2)

CRR:  9.61

Player of the Match


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Behrendorff, Player of the Match: Length is crucial, it's so important to hit that top of off. Made it hard for the batters to score. For me swinging the ball is my strength. I need to take wickets and restrict the runs in the powerplay. Trying to bring that to the table. I tried not to bowl length during the power surge. Missed Richardson, he has done so well for us. We have played together for a long period of time. It shows on the field how we go about it.

21:37 Local Time, 11:37 GMT, 17:07 IST: As expected, the Scorchers were clinical in the run chase, taking confidence from their thumping win over the same opponents in the previous fixture. Inititally, the visitors stuttered a bit as they lost 2 wickets inside the PowerPlay, with both openers back in the hut. But, Aaron Hardie and Josh Inglis got together and played according to the situation and kept the scoreboard ticking. They didn't even provide a half-chance to the opposition and ran away with the show, getting past their respective fifties. An unbeaten 132-run partnership between them killed the game. Earlier, Brisbane posted a modest total. Their top order batters got off to starts but couldn't convert them into big ones. A flourish from Peirson and Bryant at the back end got them to a respectable total. Behrendorff was the star with the ball for the visitors, as he picked a 3-fer. Eventually, it was a comfortable victory for the Scorchers and that has propelled them to the top of the table!

16.2 Spencer Johnson to Hardie, SIX, That's it! A clinical victory for Scorchers by 8 wickets and 22 balls to spare! Short ball, Hardie nails the pull over wide long-on for a maximum

16.1 Spencer Johnson to Hardie, no run, direct-hit might have been close! Hardie slaps this one towards point where the fielder has a shy at the bowler's end but misses. Josh Inglis was backing up but might have got back in

Spencer Johnson [3.0-0-16-0] is back into the attack

PRS: 151-2 after 16 overs

15.6 Xavier Bartlett to Josh Inglis, FOUR, poor bowling and taken toll off! Short ball going down leg, Josh Inglis pulls it very fine past the keeper and the ball rolls through to the fence

15.5 Xavier Bartlett to Hardie, 1 run, short of length ball on off, pulled to deep mid-wicket to rotate strike. Only 9 needed from 25 balls! The Scorchers will try to finish the game as soon as possible

15.4 Xavier Bartlett to Hardie, 2 runs, Hardie heaves the length ball to deep mid-wicket and comes back for a brace

15.3 Xavier Bartlett to Hardie, FOUR, another short ball and Hardie is seeing the ball like a football! Stands tall and swats it through deep mid-wicket for another boundary

15.2Xavier Bartlett to Hardie, FOUR, hit with authority! With that, Hardie reaches his Fifty! Back-to-back fifties for him! Short ball that sits up nicely for him and he pulls it hard over mid-wicket

15.1 Xavier Bartlett to Josh Inglis, 1 run, straying on the hips, helped around the corner for a single

Xavier Bartlett [2.0-0-15-1] is back into the attack

The crowd is having some fun! Some spectators are dancing in the stands.

PRS: 135-2 after 15 overs

14.6 Kuhnemann to Josh Inglis, 1 run, another short ball outside off, slapped to sweeper cover for a single

14.5 Kuhnemann to Hardie, 1 run, short one outside off, Hardie cuts it to sweeper cover for a single

14.4 Kuhnemann to Hardie, 2 runs, a high full-toss on off, Hardie mistimes the loft down towards long-off. The man there runs to his right and keeps the batsmen down to a couple

14.3 Kuhnemann to Hardie, no run, too full on off, jammed back to the bowler

14.2 Kuhnemann to Josh Inglis, 1 run, backs away to the shorter one and cuts it past point for a single

14.1 Kuhnemann to Josh Inglis, FOUR, Inglis is nimble on his feet again, as he lofts this one over mid-on to pick up another boundary. This is terrific batting