Commentary: Tbc Vs Tbc, Qualifier (1 V 2)

Lahore Qalandars vs Multan Sultans, Qualifier (1 v 2)

Multan Sultans won by 84 runs

MS - 160/5 (20)
LHQ - 76 (14.3)

CRR:  5.24

Player of the Match


So Multan head to the final. Lahore have another chance. And in other breaking news - RCBW have finally won a game in the WPL. As Shaheen Shah Afridi said it's all Qudrat ka Nizam tonight. On that note we sign off. See you soon. Bye.

Now the owner of Multan Sultans is speaking as well. He is just praising Multan and Rizwan. And is gushing about his captain.

Mohammad Rizwan | Multan captain: Early on the balls were coming on with the new ball. After that the pitch felt difficult. At the end Pollard and Tim David finished and we got a score on the board. We were counting as well, I told Usman that it was a double-paced pitch, we were looking for 170 but Rashid is a world-class bowler, he pulled things back and then we would have settled for 145-150 but Pollard and David got us to 160.

Kieron Pollard | Player of the Match: It was a challenging one. We came from Rawalpindi, it was a matter of understanding the conditions and a matter of planning. Cancelled practice yesterday. None of us played cricket for the last 3 days and sometimes cricket is played in the mind. Lahore got over us the last 2 times, yes they have a very good bowling attack but when you try to get on top of them, they tend to crack. Tim and I looked to keep our base and build a partnership. Pitches are a little bit different here than what we have seen, we will sit down and plan. Other teams would love to be in our position, just enjoy the final and see what happens.

Shaheen Shah Afridi | Lahore captain: We wanted to win the toss and bowl but we did not expect such a score. We lost wickets quickly and we will look into what went wrong and prepare for the next game as we still have a chance. When the main batters get out early, there is pressure on the later batters. A good catch or a run-out can win you a game and we will work on that. It is Qudrat ka Nizam, the wind started to blow and Cottrell got the ball to swing. This is Qudrat ka Nizam.

Anwar Ali: It was a team effort to have been playing the 3rd consecutive final. I just bowl to the basics, hit the wicket and I got the key wicket of Fakhar Zaman. We played positive cricket and played with intent, we thought anything around 160-170 would be a good total. Rizwan doesn't tell us a lot, he just asks us to bowl according to our plans. The final will be a big game and we'll enjoy it.

22:25 Local Time, 17:25 GMT, 22:55 IST: What a performance from Multan. They reach their 3rd consecutive PSL final. All hugs and handshakes now - even between Haris Rauf and Ihsanullah who make up. But it was anything but as tempers flared. As far as the contest was concerned, it was a no-constest. Multan defending 160 were set on their way by Cottrell who got the ball to swing and took two wickets early on and Anwar Ali got through Fakhar's defences to leave Lahore reeling. Shaheen Shah came out at 5 much to everyone's surprise and got out. Talat wanted to protect himself from getting hit by the ball and allowed a direct-hit to take his wicket. And after that it was just a procession. The only interesting bits of action in the later half were the verbal jousts between Ihsanullah and Rauf. Earlier at 4.5, there was a dust-storm and the umpires did well to carry on and soon the storm calmed down. Multan with their strong bowling storm into the final while Lahore will have another chance to get there. Stay tuned for the presentation...

14.3 Abbas Afridi to Haris Rauf, out Caught by Rizwan!! All over. Lahore have been smashed to a thumping defeat. Full outside off, Haris Rauf slogs and there's a thin outside-edge which Rizwan comes forward to take it. Aleem Dar raises the finger and it's celebration time. Haris Rauf c Rizwan b Abbas Afridi 15(13) [4s-2 6s-1]

Abbas Afridi to Haris Rauf, THATS OUT!! Caught!!

14.2 Abbas Afridi to Haris Rauf, no run, dug in short on the stumps, Haris Rauf pulls and misses

14.1 Abbas Afridi to Haris Rauf, no run, back of the hand slower ball outside off, Haris Rauf defends off the back foot

Abbas Afridi [2.0-0-5-0] is back into the attack

LHQ: 76-9 after 14 overs

13.6 Usama Mir to Zaman Khan, no run, how has that missed off-stump? The googly and Zaman Khan stays well leg-side of the ball, lets it go and it's so close to off-stump. Rizwan and Zaman have a hearty laugh after that

Zaman Khan, right handed bat, comes to the crease

13.5 Usama Mir to Wiese, out Lbw!! The quicker ball on the stumps, Wiese thinks it's short and goes for a pull, but it skids through and defeats the shot, hit on the back leg and that's plumb. The review was just taken for formality sake. Wiese lbw b Usama Mir 12(12) [4s-1 6s-1]

Usama Mir to Wiese, THATS OUT!! Lbw!!

Given out LBW and Wiese has to take the review. Goes for it. This looks plumb.

13.4 Usama Mir to Wiese, no run, quicker and flatter outside off, cut straight to the fielder at backward point

13.3 Usama Mir to Wiese, no run, now an inside-edge onto the pads saves Wiese, quicker good length delivery on middle, clear inside-edge

13.2 Usama Mir to Wiese, no run, fired into the pads, short and Wiese swivels to pull, misses, is hit on the thigh, too high