Commentary: Lahore Qalandars Vs Karachi Kings, 30th Match

Lahore Qalandars vs Karachi Kings, 30th Match

Karachi Kings won by 86 runs

KRK - 196/7 (20)
LHQ - 110 (18.5)

CRR:  5.84
RR :  74.57

Player of the Match


That's the league stage of the PSL done and dusted. We now look forward to the playoffs and we've got Lahore going up against Multan in the Qualifier on Wednesday. We hope you enjoyed our coverage for today. Until next time, take care and goodbye.

Imad Wasim | Karachi Kings captain: We should've won the first couple of games. All the games we've won, we've won by big margins. Positives are that the youngsters proved themselves. We gelled together despite being out the tournament and we played for the pride of Karachi. It's very frustrating, game awareness is key in T20 cricket. The way we played cricket throughout the tournament was fantastic. Captaincy puts a lot of pressure especially when your side is losing. Selecting the playing XI is very difficult, we had so many injuries as well. Our focus is to give opportunities to emerging talent. One thing we lacked was game awareness, about when to attack and when to defend. My performance was okay but if the team is not winning it doesn't matter. It's a team game so yes, I'm doing well personally but it doesn't matter. Hopefully we can come back and do well next year.

Mohammad Akhlaq | Player of the match: I felt very special when I was told I will be playing today. Tayyub and I figured that the wicket was quite difficult today so we decided to play our natural game. I learnt a lot of things this season.

David Wiese | Lahore Qalandars captain: That wasn't our best performance. Disappointing to come out here and not give the crowd a good performance. It's a more fair contest here compared to Pindi. You don't stand a chance there as a bowler. Over here the wicket is more conducive to better cricket. Just a better cricket wicket in general. We were just 10-15% off today. Was a different feel with Shaheen not out there leading us. Definitely looking forward to the playoffs, we worked hard to finish in the top two. Pretty sure it's going to be a sellout. Want to come out in the next game and do the fans justice.

Imran Tahir: Always nice to finish like this when you have a tough campaign. We badly needed it to be honest. I need to be in the playing XI to do that (celebration) but I didn't get many opportunities, Shamsi was fantastic. It's been tough for the bowlers. In Karachi we had tough conditions - dewish. Not my favourite season this year. Want to thank all the people who came in to support. Really grateful. I hope they enjoy the cricket. Couple of things coming up - I'll be playing for Guyana, that's my main focus. Want to do something special for the people in Guyana.

22:37 Local Time, 17:37 GMT, 23:07 IST: So the Karachi Kings bow out of the tournament with a consolatory win. That doesn't change the fact that they finish at the bottom of the table though, so a disappointing tournament through and through. They were good today though. After making as many as 8 changes, they proved that they've got a strong enough bench to even beat the top side when things go their way. The wicket wasn't as flat as the Pindi wickets, there was something in it for the spinners and the Kings batted really well to get to 197 and they backed that up with an excellent performance with the ball. The Qalandars' innings never took off, they kept losing wickets at regular intervals and the fact that Hussain Talat's run-a-ball 25 was the highest score pretty much sums the story up. More worryingly for the Qalandars though, Rashid Khan walked off with a concussion after being struck on the helmet. They'll hope that he'll be fine leading up to the playoffs.

18.5 Mohammad Umar to Haris Rauf, out Caught by J Fuller!! Yep, that was always on the cards. Slower delivery on a length outside off, Rauf runs down the track looking to slog it across the line and he ends up chipping it towards cover off the splice. Karachi Kings win by 86 runs. Haris Rauf c J Fuller b Mohammad Umar 18(14) [6s-2]

Mohammad Umar to Haris Rauf, THATS OUT!! Caught!!

18.4 Mohammad Umar to Haris Rauf, no run, short and outside off, Rauf is late on the pull

18.3 Mohammad Umar to Haris Rauf, no run, full and wide outside off, play and a miss

18.2 Mohammad Umar to Haris Rauf, 2 runs, full and wide outside off, sliced over cover, this time he comes back for two

18.1 Mohammad Umar to Haris Rauf, no run, full on off, slogged away into the leg-side, nearly carries to the fielder at deep mid-wicket, Rauf doesn't take the single

LHQ: 108-8 after 18 overs

17.6 J Fuller to Zaman Khan, no run, length delivery on middle, Zaman stays leg-side looking to run it down to third man and misses

17.5 J Fuller to Haris Rauf, 1 run, full on middle, pushed down to long-on for a single

17.4 J Fuller to Haris Rauf, no run, short just outside off, Rauf misses his pull and groans in anger, he wanted a piece of that one too

17.3 J Fuller to Haris Rauf, SIX, he's got hold of another one! Short just outside off again, was the slower delivery too and Rauf picked it, smashed it over deep mid-wicket again

17.2 J Fuller to Haris Rauf, SIX, this one's gone! Short and outside off, Rauf sits back and pumps it over the deep mid-wicket fence

17.1 J Fuller to Haris Rauf, no run, back of a length outside off, wild heave doesn't connect

James Fuller [3.0-0-16-1] is back into the attack

LHQ: 95-8 after 17 overs

16.6 Mohammad Umar to Zaman Khan, no run, full on leg-stump, clipped away to fine-leg