Commentary: Quetta Gladiators Vs Karachi Kings, 22nd Match

Quetta Gladiators vs Karachi Kings, 22nd Match

Quetta Gladiators won by 4 wkts

KRK - 164/6 (20)
QTG - 168/6 (19.5)

CRR:  8.47

Player of the Match


That's it from us. Tomorrow, a double-header is coming your way from the PSL. TIll then, goodbye and cheers!

Sarfaraz Ahmed | Quetta Gladiators captain: (On his finger injury) Will go to the doctor for an x-ray, not looking that good at the moment. The kind of combination we have, the wicket was looking a bit difficult, we made a lot of mistakes in the field. Fielding is a very important area. There is pressure on our team, we did a lot of mistakes today but happy to get over the line today. Peshawar are on 6 points, they have 4 matches left. It depends on a lot of factors but we will try to win the rest of the matches and we will see what happens.

Martin Guptill | Player of the Match: I didn't have much of a choice really after the 15th over mark, they made it extremely difficult in the middle overs and we lost 3-4 wickets at that stage. Losing wickets early on really hits the run chase and it was difficult to play attacking shots. It is going to giving us a lot of confidence, a day off to come back to play in a couple of days and the boys will be flying high, hopefully another couple of points to finish off.

Imad Wasim | Karachi Kings captain: I think he played really well but we bowled badly in the last five overs. I think we have to come out with plans. It's very disappointing for me and the Karachi fans. Unfortunately, it didn't go our way. Along with the luck, we also made some mistakes. (On his injury) I will see if I can play the next game. It was sore so I had to take myself off after the first over. We will sit together and discuss whatever we can. Oh yes, we are all professionals. Winning and losing is part of the game. Last game against Lahore and we will definitely try and put up a good performance. It hasn't been our season, very disappointed but this is how life goes.

Mohammad Nawaz:  I think it was really difficult when we lost five wickets quickly. Martin was on the crease, previous game he won the game for us so we had belief in him. He showed again that experience does come in handy. He tried to rotate the strike in the middle overs and then finished it off brilliantly. The body doesn't feel well when you have back-to-back games. In the last two games, I was hitting the right lengths. We as a team knew that whatever happened we cannot change it. We just have to win all the games and give ourselves a chance.

22:47 Local Time, 17:47 GMT, 23:17 IST: Quetta hold their nerves to go past Karachi and it has been a nail-biting win for them! They will be relieved as they have ended their 5-match losing streak. It was because of Guptill that they notched up this win and he has played out of his skin tonight. He has overshadowed a terrific knock which was played earlier by Rossington from the opposition side. Quetta had a horrid start as they lost wickets in a heap to start with. They were reduced to 63-5 and Guptill was also struggling to time the ball. But, he found an able partner in Sarfaraz. They mixed caution with aggression nicely and kept the scoreboard ticking. Guptill was 41 off 40 at one stage but the 17th over from Fuller changed the complexion of the game completely - he was carted away for 24 in his last over as Guptill took him to the cleaners. Sarfaraz also found a timely boundary in the death overs. He did get run-out in the last over but Pretorius hit the winning runs to take his side over the line. The Karachi bowlers were good for the major part of the innings but they failed to delivery at the crunch stage. Stick around for the presentations..

19.5Aamer Yamin to Pretorius, FOUR, that's it! Pretorius gets a low full-toss and smashes it through extra cover to find the fence. Guptill has stood tall and has played a match-winning knock to ensure his side a win. Quetta win by 4 wickets and they break their losing streak.

19.4 Aamer Yamin to Pretorius, 2 runs, Pretorius jams this one off the inner half towards backward square leg and comes back for a couple. Only 1 needed now from 2

19.3 Aamer Yamin to Pretorius, FOUR, the momentum shifts again! Shortish ball outside off, cut away past backward point and no chance for the man in the deep to cut it off. Only 3 needed from 3 now

Dwaine Pretorius, right handed bat, comes to the crease

19.2Aamer Yamin to Guptill, out Sarfaraz Run Out!! Sarfaraz sacrifices his wicket! Guptill tries to hit this one but gets an inside edge onto the pads and the batters take off. Both are stranded at the middle of the pitch as Aamer Yamin runs in, picks up the ball and hits the bull's eye at the striker's end as Sarfaraz keeps on running and gives his wicket away. Sarfaraz run out (Aamer Yamin) 29(25) [4s-1]

Aamer Yamin to Guptill, THATS OUT!! Run Out!!

19.1 Aamer Yamin to Sarfaraz, 1 run, full ball outside off, Sarfaraz swings at it and mistimes it towards deep mid-wicket for a single

Aamer Yamin [2.0-0-10-1] is back into the attack

8 needed from the last over

QTG: 157-5 after 19 overs

18.6 Amir to Sarfaraz, 1 run, on a length around off, hit towards mid-off for a single to keep strike

18.5Amir to Sarfaraz, 2 runs, poor fielding from Tahir! Short ball around off, Sarfaraz flat-bats it towards mid-off. Tahir is late to get off the blocks and the ball lands in front of him and goes past him as well, a couple taken

18.4 Amir to Guptill, 1 run, full ball outside off, mistimed hit towards extra cover as the ball falls short of the fielder, a single taken

18.3 Amir to Guptill, FOUR, Guptill is playing a match-winning knock here! He gets under the fuller length ball and carves it over covers for a boundary, bisected the two fielders in the deep to perfection. 12 needed from 9 balls

18.2 Amir to Sarfaraz, 1 run, well bowled! That's a pinpoint yorker, jammed out to backward square leg for a single