Commentary: Lahore Qalandars Vs Multan Sultans, 20th Match

Lahore Qalandars vs Multan Sultans, 20th Match

Lahore Qalandars won by 21 runs

LHQ - 180/9 (20)
MS - 159/7 (20)

CRR:  7.95

Player of the Match


That's a wrap for tonight. We will see you tomorrow for the clash between Islamabad United and Quetta Gladiators. Cheers!!

Shaheen Afridi: Had the belief in our bowling group and the preparation was good as well. Sam and Abdullah batted really well and we needed to bowl well to defend 180 and our bowlers responded well. We will try and give opportunities to all the players on the bench. We are in a good position now and can afford to give chances to the other players.

Rashid Khan | Player of the Match: I just keep it simple and try my best to do the basics right. I have clarity in my preparation and don't make too many changes in that. I never do plannings for the upcoming team, I have played enough with all these players and know my areas to bowl. As long as you are hitting the right line and length it is gonna be tough for the batters.

Mohammad Rizwan: When you lose, it feels like it wasn't your day. Like last match, post the powerplay we lost the momentum. Rashid Khan came on and changed the game, this gap is something we need to fix. When you end up bowling 22 overs in a 20 over game with so many wides, such a target is bound to happen. (On Usama Mir's promotion) It was a plan so that we could target Rashid, but it didn't work out. We need to keep things simple, we are probably a bowler short but the main thing we need to control is our performance post the powerplay.

Hussain Talat: Nice atmosphere in the team. We play like a team. I'm enjoying playing with so many senior players. Shaheen, Haris and Rashid all are bowling well. The captain brings me on get wickets, that's a very good feeling. When he gives me the bowl, Shaheen tells me there's no pressure, just do your best. I've been practicing my yorkers.

23:10 Local Time, 18:10 GMT, 23:40 IST: Shan Masood and Rizwan got the Sultans off to a decent start and that was the only time they appeared to be in the hunt. Once Masood got out in the 7th over, Usama Mir was promoted up the order ahead of batters like and Rossouw and Miller. That move clearly backfired as the visitors couldn't keep up with the ever-increasing required rate and therefore, kept losing wickets at crucial intervals of the game. Rashid Khan picked up 3 of the top 5 wickets and just conceded 15 off his 4 overs. The rest of the bowlers ensured his efforts didn't go in vain and Pollard's late cameo only helped in reducing the defeat margin for the Sultans...

MS: 159-7 after 20 overs

19.6 Talat to Abbas Afridi, FOUR, thumped down the ground for a one-bounce boundary but that won't matter. Lahore Qalandars win by 21 and become the first team to qualify for the playoffs. Also this is their 5th win in a row and 4th successivw at home...

Abbas Afridi, right handed bat, comes to the crease

19.5 Talat to Pollard, out Caught by Rashid Khan!! Full and in the slot once again, Pollard skews the heave off the thick inside half and Rashid completes the catch at deep mid-wicket with a dive to his right. Pollard c Rashid Khan b Talat 39(28) [4s-2 6s-3]

Talat to Pollard, THATS OUT!! Caught!!

19.4 Talat to Pollard, SIX, juicy full toss on the stumps and Pollard has belted that over deep square to claim his 800th six in T20 cricket

19.3 Talat to Pollard, no run, slower full delivery wide of off, Pollard looks to slam it down the ground and gets beaten for lack of pace

19.3 Talat to Pollard, wide, bumper down leg, Pollard lets it pass

19.2 Talat to Pollard, FOUR, good length on the stumps, Pollard muscles the pull along the ground through mid-wicket

19.1 Talat to Pollard, SIX, clears his front leg and sends the slot ball soaring into the deep mid-wicket stands

19.1 Talat to Pollard, wide, full and swinging down the leg-side, Pollard doesn't bother with it

Hussain Talat, right-arm medium, comes into the attack

MS: 137-6 after 19 overs

18.6 Shaheen Afridi to Pollard, 1 run, full on middle and leg, Pollard biffs the drive to long-on

18.5 Shaheen Afridi to Pollard, SIX, full and straight, Pollard uses his long levers and thumps it over the leaping long-on for a maximum

18.4 Shaheen Afridi to Anwar Ali, 1 run, length outside off, Anwar Ali slogs and the top-edge drops well short of long-off