Commentary: Khulna Tigers Vs Rangpur Riders, 15th Match

Khulna Tigers vs Rangpur Riders, 15th Match

Khulna Tigers won by 9 wkts

RGR - 129 (20)
KLT - 130/1 (18.2)

CRR:  7.09

Player of the Match


That's it from the first game. But don't go away for too long as there's another coming up in just over an hour. See you on the other tab..

Yasir Ali: Sigh of relief. It was a much needed win for us and we can now take it from here. When seniors like Wahab does well then it makes it easier for the others. Tamim played really well and he guided Joy. The partnership was a good plus point and they also got to spend some time in the middle. Joy hasn't been playing T20s for long and spending time with Tamim would have helped him.

Wahab Riaz | Player of the Match: The wicket was little bit slow but we had to bowl according to our plans. Also, bowling wicket to wicket helps on such surfaces. Today everybody bowled well and as a bowling unit you have to bowl in partnerships, we did that today. We lost the first three games but we have some momentum now and it is all about peaking at the right time.

Shoaib Malik: Of course not enough runs on the board. When you are playing on a slow track the key is to rotate strike and we didn't do that. Credit to Tamim, he knew someone had to bat through on this surface and he did that for them. The difference was their set batter converted his start into a fifty. The message is simple when you are playing on a slow surface the set batter has to bat through. We surely will come back.

17:01 Local Time, 11:01 GMT, 16:31 IST: The chase rightly was a walk in the park for the Khulna Tigers. They barely broke a sweat while hunting down the modest 129 set by the Rangpur Riders. Tamim and Shahriar got the team off to a good start before the latter was dismissed inside the powerplay. Hasan Joy took his time but played the perfect second foil to his senior partner. The pair added 89 runs for the second wicket and ensured the Tigers opened their account on the points table. The Riders did not have enough runs on the board and their bowlers tried their best to make a fight out of it. Hang around for the presentations..

18.2 Azmatullah to Mahmudul Hasan Joy, SIX, Khulna Tigers win by 9 wickets. Joy finishes off in style and that six also helps him improve his strike rate. Short ball and it sat up nicely, Joy clears his front leg and nails the pull over deep mid-wicket. He struck it flat and hard with plenty of bottom hand

18.1 Azmatullah to Tamim, 1 run, short and angled outside off, Tamim cuts square and the sweeper tides up

Azmatullah Omarzai [3.0-0-19-1] is back into the attack

KLT: 123-1 after 18 overs

17.6 Haris Rauf to Tamim, 1 run, fired into the blockhole, Tamim digs it out to deep square leg

17.5 Haris Rauf to Mahmudul Hasan Joy, 1 run, banged into the surface, Joy mistimes the pull and the ball lands near mid-on

17.4Haris Rauf to Mahmudul Hasan Joy, no run, short and into the wicket, Joy makes room and slaps it straight to cover

17.3 Haris Rauf to Mahmudul Hasan Joy, no run, 139ks speared into the blockhole, Joy digs it out to backward point

17.2 Haris Rauf to Mahmudul Hasan Joy, 2 runs, short and rushing onto Joy, he miscues the pull over mid-wicket and the ball lands safely, two more

17.1 Haris Rauf to Mahmudul Hasan Joy, no run, 138ks full delivery on off, Joy flicks and picks out mid-wicket

Haris Rauf [3.0-0-15-0] is back into the attack

KLT: 119-1 after 17 overs

16.6 Hasan Mahmud to Tamim, 2 runs, leg-lined delivery, Tamim flicks it behind square on the leg-side and scampers back for the second

16.5 Hasan Mahmud to Tamim, no run, off-pace delivery on off, Tamim tucks it straight to mid-wicket

16.4 Hasan Mahmud to Mahmudul Hasan Joy, 1 run, slower ball outside off, Joy cracks the cut to sweeper cover

16.3 Hasan Mahmud to Mahmudul Hasan Joy, FOUR, short and dug into the surface, Joy clears his front leg and swats it to deep mid-wicket

16.2 Hasan Mahmud to Tamim, 1 run, short of length around off, Tamim mistimes the pull to deep mid-wicket