Commentary: Dhaka Dominators Vs Sylhet Strikers, 13th Match

Dhaka Dominators vs Sylhet Strikers, 13th Match

Sylhet Strikers won by 5 wkts

DHDM - 128/7 (20)
SYST - 134/5 (19.2)

CRR:  6.93

Player of the Match


That's all from here for game 1 of the BPL for today. We have another game coming up shortly. Do join us for that. Till then, take care and be well. Bye for now.

Mashrafe Mortaza | Sylhet captain: It was another fine win, it did get a little tricky in the end, but it was a fine effort from Thisara to get the job done. We did not bat well in the middle period. I feel that this was a typical Chattogram wicket where 150 would have been a good score for sure. The confidence is high, however, it is important for us to carry forward the momentum into the next match and take things as they come.

Imad Wasim | Player of the Match: The last game we saw a couple of times, it was keeping low and spinning, today it was keeping low but not spinning and the plan was to bowl wicket to wicket. The line is important and length is important as well, if you bowl a back of a length, it is not easy for the batter and you need to vary your pace. Everyone in the team is chipping in, every base is covered so far, but you can't be relaxed as it is a long tournament with 12 games, need 8 wins and we can't relax before that. Thanks to the crowd for coming all the way from Sylhet.

Imad Wasim is the Player of the Match.

Nasir Hossain | Dhaka captain: We had a problem not utilising the powerplay. 20-30 short. Very happy with the effort, not too worried with the result, still lots of games to come. Want to win the next game and create momentum for the games ahead.

16:58 Local Time, 10:58 GMT, 16:28 IST: Sylhet win 5 in a row. No stopping them. The openers added a 50+ stand but Nasir Hossain pulled things back with two in one over and then Zakir fell early as well but the experience of Rahim and Imad Wasim rebuilt the innings before Perera finished it off with his power-hitting. Taskin, Arafat Sunny and the skipper Nasir fought hard with the ball but it was not enough. Dhaka who were desperate for a win fail to break the winning streak of Sylhet. Stay tuned for the presentation...

19.2 Soumya Sarkar to Perera, SIX, Perera finishes it off in style. A slower ball on the stumps, Perera slogs across the line and with just one hand, but clears deep mid-wicket easily

The field has to come in and Nasir brings everyone in

19.1 Soumya Sarkar to Akbar Ali, 1 run, scores level. Full outside off, driven to sweeper cover

Soumya Sarkar, right-arm medium, comes into the attack

Just 2 needed off the last over now

SYST: 127-5 after 19 overs

18.6 Salman Irshad to Akbar Ali, 1 run, 18 off the over, yorker length on the stumps, driven to long-on

Equation | 3 off 7

18.5 Salman Irshad to Akbar Ali, SIX, that should be the game, half-volley outside off, Akbar Ali gets across and sets up for the scoop, connects well and it has fallen flush on the cushions at fine-leg

Equation | 9 off 8

18.4 Salman Irshad to Perera, 1 run, good yorker on middle-stump, dug out to long-on

Equation | 10 off 9

18.3 Salman Irshad to Perera, FOUR, the slower ball dug in on the stumps, Perera waits and pulls between deep square leg and deep mid-wicket, placed it well

Equation | 14 off 10

18.2 Salman Irshad to Perera, 2 runs, low full-toss on the stumps, Perera heaves to deep mid-wicket and Perera wants two, the throw from Robin Das is wide of the bowler, poor stuff