Commentary: Khulna Tigers Vs Rangpur Riders, 10th Match

Khulna Tigers vs Rangpur Riders, 10th Match

Rangpur Riders won by 4 wkts

KLT - 130 (19.4)
RGR - 131/6 (19.3)

CRR:  6.72

Player of the Match


That's it from the double header. Fortune and Rangpur won today and are trying to catch up with Sylhet who haven't lost a single game. We will be back with more cricketing action.

Nurul Hasan: Our middle-order did well. We have been working really hard. At the end, Robiul and Hasan bowled really well. There was a little bit of dew but we took all our catches. Malik played really well. We need to learn from him. We need to be smart in such situations.

Robiul Haque, Player of the Match: Our bowling department did really well. We tried to put our batters into a comfortable zone. Our practice sessions have been good. The groundsmen have allowed us to practice at a good ground. We try to do our best.

Yasir Ali: Bowlers did a pretty good job. Me and Azam were building a partnership but we needed 20 more runs. It is a major setback to lose 2-3 early wickets. I should have taken more responsibility.

22:38 Local Time, 16:38 GMT, 22:08 IST: An attritional game of T20 and Rangpur have ensured Khulna remain winless. 130 was never a great score. But they started the defence really well as they scalped three early wickets. Naim and Malik steadied it. Malik continued and got them really close before getting out in the penultimate over. Khulna have had their bowlers and batters not performing in tandem and have crashed to another defeat. Rangpur have moved to second on the table thanks to this win. The experienced head of Malik in the middle helped them. Will he pocket the Man of the Match award? Hang on a bit..

19.3 Riaz to Azmatullah, 1 run, gets the ball away off the pads into the on-side for a single. That is it. Rangpur pick up their second win

19.2 Riaz to Azmatullah, SIX, the scores are level! That's a superb hit under pressure. Was a length delivery on the pads, Azmatullah heaved it away and sent it over deep mid. Clean striking indeed

19.1 Riaz to Azmatullah, no run, length delivery, angled across, Azmatullah throws his bat at it and misses

Wahab Riaz [3.0-0-17-2] is back into the attack

RGR: 124-6 after 19 overs

18.6 Saifuddin to Azmatullah, 1 run, fuller length delivery, outside off, driven to cover and they get a single

Azmatullah Omarzai, right handed bat, comes to the crease

18.5 Saifuddin to Shoaib Malik, out Caught by Habibur Rahman!! Taken in the deep! Low full toss, Shoaib Malik slammed it away off the pads but failed to beat the man in the deep. That was hit really hard but unfortunately Shoaib Malik has to make the long walk back. 6th one down. Shoaib Malik c Habibur Rahman b Saifuddin 44(36) [4s-3 6s-2]

Saifuddin to Shoaib Malik, THATS OUT!! Caught!!

18.4 Saifuddin to Shamim Hossain, 1 run, driven to cover off a slower ball and there is a direct hit at the bowler's end. But the batter has made it easily. He chase a wide one but failed to time it well. Only a single

18.3 Saifuddin to Shamim Hossain, no run, length delivery, outside off, Shamim Hossain goes for the big swing and misses. That angled across the left-hander

18.2 Saifuddin to Shoaib Malik, 1 run, pulls a free-hit ball to deep square for a single as that was banged in

18.2 Saifuddin to Shoaib Malik, no ball, SIX, that is a decisive hit. Khulna will have to stay winless. That's a no-ball as well. Pitched up outside off and Shoaib Malik powered it down the ground for a sixer. 10 needed now

18.1 Saifuddin to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, if you can, so can I says Shoaib Malik! Low full toss, Shoaib Malik climbs on to that and slams it down the ground. 17 off 11 now. Wasn't a great ball and put away

Mohammad Saifuddin [3.0-0-21-1] is back into the attack

RGR: 110-5 after 18 overs

17.6 Amad Butt to Shamim Hossain, FOUR, edged. Gone. Flies away to the fence. The batter backed away, looked to drive and got a faint edge for the ball to fly away. The keeper dived to his left but failed to get there. 21 needed off 12 looks far more gettable than 33 off 15 balls. That was cruel for the bowler as he executed the perfect yorker but ended up giving away a four