Commentary: Zimbabwe Vs Ireland, 2nd ODI

Zimbabwe vs Ireland, 2nd ODI

Ireland won by 46 runs

IRE - 294/7 (50)
ZIM - 248 (47.3)

CRR:  5.22

Player of the Match


The crowd came in large numbers and had a wonderful time singing and dancing as they cheered loud for Zimbabwe. Their team got over the line in a thriller in the first game, today they couldn't quite seize key moments. They will come back on Monday to show their support. It's going to be nothing short of an exciting game. Enjoy your Sunday. See you for the series decider!

Josh Little | PotM: After losing a tight game, it was important to come back and put in a decent performance, so I am happy. As long as I can help in anyway I am happy (about the catch he took at long-off).

Paul Stirling | Ireland captain: Any score above 280 here you are in the game. It's hard not to bowl first here. Tector has been amazing for us for a long time now. Hopefully this patch continues for long. Big momentum with us now. Hopefully we can play well and win the series on Monday.

Sikandar Raza | Zimbabwe captain: We bowled really well, pulled it back after their start. We had our starts, none of us converted big and that's where we lost the game. One of the top-order batters have to get a hundred. The wicket was far too good and we definitely thought we could chase this. Would have been a very interesting match had we got early wickets with the ball.

17:14 Local Time, 15:14 GMT, 20:44 IST: Series 1-1 now with a decider to be played on Monday. We've had two outstanding ODIs. Zimbabwe looked to have things in control. They lost three quick wickets after the first drinks break. Then Raza showed too much intent and threw away a start when all he needed to do was just bat deep and see his team home. Burl and Ballance were determined to do that, but an unfortunate run-out - bowler deflected a shot onto the stumps to dismiss Burl - got Ireland back in. Josh Little took care of the lower order to finish with a career-best 4/38, while Adair and Hume chipped in with two apiece. Ireland's catching was attractive with some well-judged low diving grabs. Innocent Kaia's intent at the top was a positive for Zimbabwe. Them showing fight in general is a positive too. So the final game should be exciting. Stay tuned for the presentation...

47.3 Mark Adair to Nyauchi, out Bowled!! Knocked him over. Full and straight, Nyauchi backs away to swing hard, misses and the ball hits middle and leg. Ireland level the series. Nyauchi b Mark Adair 7(9) [4s-1]

Mark Adair to Nyauchi, THATS OUT!! Bowled!!

47.2 Mark Adair to Nyauchi, no run, shortish slower delivery, Nyauchi swings and misses

47.1 Mark Adair to Chatara, 1 run, low full toss, Chatara drives to cover

Mark Adair [8.0-0-38-1] is back into the attack

ZIM: 247-9 after 47 overs

46.6 Hume to Nyauchi, FOUR, full delivery, Nyauchi lofts and clears mid-off, gets four

46.5 Hume to Nyauchi, no run, slower delivery, Nyauchi toe-ends the drive to the off-side

46.4 Hume to Chatara, 1 run, full delivery, Chatara drives to cover. Stirling aims at the bowler's end as Chatara gives up. Misses the direct-hit

Tendai Chatara, right handed bat, comes to the crease

46.3 Hume to Gary Ballance, out Caught by Joshua Little!! Oh shot! But wait, Little has taken a stunner at long-off. Ballance advances and looks to smash it over the rope, hit it flat though. Little dives after moving to his right and pulls off a remarkable catch. End of a fine innings from Gary Ballance. The game is in Ireland's bag now. They just got to zip it. Gary Ballance c Joshua Little b Hume 52(67) [4s-2]

Hume to Gary Ballance, THATS OUT!! Caught!!

46.2 Hume to Nyauchi, 1 run, yorker outside off stump, Nyauchi digsit out to point

46.1 Hume to Nyauchi, no run, short of length delivery, Nyauchi slogs and misses

ZIM: 241-8 after 46 overs

45.6 Joshua Little to Nyauchi, 1 run, full delivery, Nyauchi drives to deep cover. Joshua Little ends with career-best figures of 4/38

45.5 Joshua Little to Gary Ballance, 1 run, short delivery, Ballance pulls to deep square leg. Just one