Commentary: Zimbabwe Vs Ireland, 1st ODI

Zimbabwe vs Ireland, 1st ODI

Zimbabwe won by 3 wkts (DLS Method)

IRE - 288/4 (50)
ZIM - 214/7 (37)

CRR:  5.78

Player of the Match


With this impessive win, Zimbabwe have taken a 1-0 lead in the series. We'll be back in a few days time as these two teams lock horns at the same venue for the second ODI. Do join us for the coverage of that game. For now, it's a goodbye from our side!

Ryan Burl, PoTM: One of those games where we are happy to get over the line, credit to the boys. There was no message, looking at the ground there was rain around and we were behind, so we took our chances. Fair play to Mark Adair as he bowled well that over, at the end of the day, you can't hit every ball for six

Craig Ervine: Every time we play the Irish, it is always close. I thought the wicket was a little sticky at the start, I felt Andy Balbirnie and Harry Tector batted really well and the wicket got better later on. We did a few mistakes in the field, we could have taken a few half-chances but credit to Balbirnie and Tector for the way they batted.

Paul Stirling: A bit of Deja vu, we have always had good games here, the crowd got their money worth. It is tough in the morning, initially you want to settle in and get to a good start and we managed to do that. (On rain interruption) It was difficult for the batters, credit to the Zimbabwe batters as they played well.

17:34 Local Time, 15:34 GMT, 21:04 IST: Zimbabwe take a 1-0 lead in the 3-match ODI series, and what a game we have witnessed in Harare. They were behind the DLS score by 2 runs when there was a rain interruption, but the groundstaff tried their best and made it possible for the home team to get back on the park. Raza and Burl had a fantastic partnership to bring them in the match, and although Raza departed early after resumption, Burl made sure to hit some clinical blows and took the game deep. With 13 runs required in the final over, Burl was run-out. But Evans struck a much needed six, and then it was Madande who hit the match-defining boundary. The centuries by Tector and Balbirnie had set up the game for Ireland, but a few crucial knocks by the Zimbabwean batters overshadowed them in the end. Stay around for the presentations..

ZIM: 214-7 after 37 overs

36.6Hume to Madande, FOUR, Madande has done it for Zimbabwe! They win a last ball thriller as Madande hits a boundary. A low full toss by Hume, Madande goes down on his knee and whips it towards deep mid-wicket as the ball almost goes the distance. Doesn't matter if it's a six or four, it's enough as Zimbabwe win by 3 wickets! What a fantastic game of cricket as the Zimbabwean players rush on to the park to celebrate victory

Right then, Madande will face the last ball and Zimbabwe need 4 runs

36.5 Hume to W Masakadza, 1 run, full and quick around off, Masakadza drills this to long-off for a single

Wellington Masakadza, left handed bat, comes to the crease

Zimbabwe need 5 runs in 2 balls

36.4 Hume to Brad Evans, out Lbw!! Some more drama! Hume fires a yorker at the stumps and Brad Evans is late to bring his bat down in time. Gets beaten due to the jaffa and is rapped on the pads. And the umpire doesn't waste any time to raise his finger. This game keeps swinging like the pendulum of a clock! Brad Evans lbw b Hume 6(2) [6s-1]

Hume to Brad Evans, THATS OUT!! Lbw!!

36.3 Hume to Brad Evans, SIX, Brad Evans has struck a first-ball six! Full and wide outside off, Brad Evans throws the kitchen sink at it and slices it over deep point as the ball just clears the fielder near the boundary

Brad Evans, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Zimbabwe need 11 runs from 4 balls!

36.2Hume to Ryan Burl, out Ryan Burl Run Out!! Burl is gone! Squeezes this through cover and he wanted to get back on strike desperately. Campher fires a flat and accurate throw at the keeper's end. He collects the ball calmly and takes off the bails as he manages to beat Burl's dive. Ireland will be the favourites from here as the set batter departs. 1 run completed .Ryan Burl run out (Campher/Tucker) 59(41) [4s-6 6s-2]

Hume to Ryan Burl, THATS OUT!! Run Out!!

36.1 Hume to Madande, 1 run, yorker length ball on middle and leg, Madande tries to squeeze it out, gets an inside edge towards the keeper. They take a quick run, and Burl is back on strike as they need 12 runs more

Zimbabwe need 13 runs off the final over!

ZIM: 201-5 after 36 overs

35.6 Joshua Little to Ryan Burl, SIX, what a strike! Joshua Little goes slightly full, this one's right into the slot and Ryan Burl has dispatched it over deep square leg for a clean six