Commentary: Desert Vipers Vs Mi Emirates, 15th Match

Desert Vipers vs MI Emirates, 15th Match

Desert Vipers won by 7 wkts

MIE - 169/5 (20)
DV - 170/3 (16.3)

CRR:  10.30

Player of the Match


Desert Vipers go top of the table again. They've bounced back quickly after the previous defeat. MI Emirates, on the other hand, have now lost two in a row. So that's all we have from this one. Until next time, it's goodbye!

Rutherford, Player of the Match: I'm feeling good. Coming into this tournament I was doing some work on my batting. Good that it actually came off tonight. It's something I've been working on for a long time (finishing). Key for me was to let it flow and play the ball on its merit. When I went in, he told me it was a good wicket. Tried to keep it as simple as possible.

Munro: Very pleased. Set up by the bowling. Took a couple of wickets in the powerplay. The way Matheesha bowled in his first game. And Rohan as well. We've got one of the best in the business now in Alex Hales. The way he took responsibility tonight. He's batting exceptionally well so there's no pressure on the guys coming in. Rutherford tonight played an exceptional knock. Even his timing through the off-side - he's been working hard on it in the nets. I said "not again" (on Pollard's catch). I've seen him do that so many times.

Pollard: Didn't get off to a great start. Were a bit slow and then we had to build. Left some runs out there. I'm feeling relaxed and enjoying out there. Have had the opportunity to play a lot of cricket around the world, gain experience and knowledge. Age is just a number. Maybe I overran it a bit, then made it to look spectacular on TV (his catch). Lot of skillful guys in the dressing room. Last couple of games we have let ourselves down with the ball. Have an opportunity in a couple of days to right the wrongs.

21:26 Local Time, 17:26 GMT, 22:56 IST: Vipers cruise to victory with over three overs to spare. Hales got his fifth consecutive fifty-plus score of the tournament, and Rutherford joined the party with a brilliant fifty as well. MI Emirates thought they were in the game after a double-strike from Samit Patel, but this pair didn't take long to kill that idea. Some of the strokeplay was just superb. The same can be said of Pollard earlier in the day, but he was the only one among the MI Emirates batters to find some rhythm. And eventually the target of 170 didn't prove to be enough against a batting line up in top form.

16.3 Wheal to Rutherford, 1 run, length ball outside off, Rutherford cuts it to third man and wraps it up

16.2 Wheal to Rutherford, FOUR, full toss outside off, Rutherford gets a thick edge that runs away past short third

16.1Wheal to Hales, leg byes, 1 run, looks to pull but it balloons off the thigh pad. The keeper charges after it and dives full stretch but fails to hang on. That whole-hearted effort was for nothing though - it's a leg-bye

Brad Wheal [3.0-0-37-0] is back into the attack


DV: 164-3 after 16 overs

15.6 Fazalhaq Farooqi to Rutherford, no run, bouncer on off, Rutherford swings hard but misses

15.5 Fazalhaq Farooqi to Rutherford, 2 runs, short outside off, Rutherford pulls it through square leg and brings up his fifty too. Has been a sublime knock from him

15.4 Fazalhaq Farooqi to Rutherford, no run, short outside off, left alone

15.3 Fazalhaq Farooqi to Rutherford, FOUR, banged in short, climbs on Rutherford as he looks to pull and balloons off his glove over the keeper

15.2 Fazalhaq Farooqi to Hales, 1 run, full toss wide of off, Hales was looking to scoop after moving across the stumps, makes the adjustment after seeing the line and drives through cover

15.1 Fazalhaq Farooqi to Hales, SIX, slower one floated up on middle, Hales winds up, waits for it and launches it over midwicket

Fazalhaq Farooqi [3.0-0-32-0] is back into the attack

DV: 151-3 after 15 overs

14.6 Boult to Rutherford, no run, pitched up on off, driven back to Boult

14.5 Boult to Rutherford, 2 runs, half-volley on the pads, flicked to deep square leg

14.4 Boult to Hales, 1 run, low full toss on leg, Hales flicks it to long-on