Commentary: Desert Vipers Vs Gulf Giants, 12th Match

Desert Vipers vs Gulf Giants, 12th Match

Gulf Giants won by 5 wkts

DV - 195/4 (20)
GLG - 196/5 (19.3)

CRR:  10.05

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17:48 Local Time, 13:48 GMT, 19:18 IST: What a chase! At 30/3, Gulf Giants seemed to be in big trouble but Hetmyer and Lynn were unperturbed. The pair came out with positive intent and never took the foot off the pedal. Hetmyer's assault on Hasaranga started the revival and from there on it was absolute carnage. Lynn too wasn't far behind as he kept picking up boundaries at regular intervals and played the second fiddle to perfection. They added 100+ and brought the asking rate to below 7 before Cottrell broke the stand. The Vipers picked up Lynn a few overs later and hoped to turn it around, but Wiese and Dawson brought their experience into play and saw the chase over the line. Fourth win on the bounce for the Giants and the first loss for the Vipers.

19.3 Cottrell to Wiese, 1 run, Gulf Giants win by 5 wickets. A drop catch in the deep settles the game. Short of length delivery angled in, Wiese is cramped for room but still goes through with the pull and miscues to deep mid-wicket, Howell runs across and dives, he gets both hands but the ball does not stick

19.2 Cottrell to Dawson, 1 run, fullish delivery angled in, Dawson drives to sweeper cover and the scores are level

Cottrell goes round the wicket

19.1 Cottrell to Wiese, 1 run, short and angled outside off, Wiese slashes the cut to deep backward point

Sheldon Cottrell [3.0-0-21-2] is back into the attack

GLG: 193-5 after 19 overs

18.6 Gus Atkinson to Dawson, FOUR, the Giants are almost there. Short and bowled into the surface, Dawson pulls to deep mid-wicket and there's no stationed near the rope to stop the boundary

18.5 Gus Atkinson to Dawson, FOUR, lovely shot! Full delivery outside off, Dawson had the space to free his arms and he goes bang over extra cover. Nice connection and the ball almost goes the distance

18.4 Gus Atkinson to Dawson, no run, short of length delivery and Dawson pulls it straight to mid-wicket

18.3 Gus Atkinson to Wiese, 1 run, full delivery and Wiese drills the drive down to long-off, just a single

18.2 Gus Atkinson to Wiese, no run, spears it in the blockhole outside off, Wiese fails to dig it out

18.1 Gus Atkinson to Wiese, FOUR, short of length delivery and Wiese was waiting for it, he transfers his weight back and nails the pull to deep mid-wicket, one bounce and over the ropes

GLG: 180-5 after 18 overs

17.6 Tom Curran to Wiese, 1 run, very full and outside off, Wiese slices it to deep backward point and retains strike

17.5 Tom Curran to Wiese, 2 runs, offers width outside off, Wiese slaps it deep extra cover and a fumble from Mustafa allows the second run to be taken with ease

17.4 Tom Curran to Dawson, 1 run, slower short of length delivery, Dawson waits and steers it towards backward point

17.3 Tom Curran to Wiese, 1 run, yorker aimed for off-stump, Wiese digs it out to extra cover and crosses over

17.3 Tom Curran to Wiese, wide, off-pace delivery outside off, Wiese lets it pass and picks up the wide

17.2 Tom Curran to Dawson, 1 run, low full toss around off, Dawson opens the bat face and slices the drive to sweeper cover

17.1 Tom Curran to Dawson, FOUR, short and outside off, Dawson slashes the cut behind square and splits the two fielders in the ring perfectly