Commentary: Desert Vipers Vs Sharjah Warriors, 4th Match

Desert Vipers vs Sharjah Warriors, 4th Match

Desert Vipers won by 7 wkts

SW - 145/5 (20)
DV - 148/3 (16.4)

CRR:  8.88

Player of the Match


It's time to bring the curtains down on today's double-header. Tune in tomorrow for Dubai Capitals vs Gulf Giants. Until then, goodbye...

Alex Hales | Player of the Match: (Feel) Really good, awesome start to the tournament. To get a win like that, sets the tone really well. We bowled outstandingly well. Once we got ourselves in, it was a nice pitch. Just be busy (when the ball is swinging and seaming), I try my best to get my feet moving. (On his partnership with Billings) That's what we were saying - be busy, play good shots and let them come to us. We were lucky that there wasn't too much scoreboard pressure.

Colin Munro | Desert Vipers captain: Great start. We were outstanding with the ball upfront, swung the new ball. The intensity in the field and the attitude was outstanding. It was a tough one to leave Mark Wood out. (Captaincy) I actually loved it. We've got experience in the group. I'll take the easy option and let the bowlers go about their business. They've played enough cricket. Alex Hales and Billings were outstanding the way they finished it off.

Moeen Ali | Sharjah Warriors captain: Didn't score enough runs. The wicket wasn't that easy. The dew did come in but they played fantastically well. You want to be positive but it's quite difficult. We have to be smart. Our next game is in Sharjah and we've picked our squad for Sharjah.

21:16 Local Time, 17:16 GMT, 22:46 IST: Desert Vipers kick-start their campaign with a convincing win. Their bowlers set it up by restricting Sharjah Warriors to a below-par score. In reply, the Vipers lost two early wickets inside two overs but it was one-way traffic post that. Alex Hales was joined by Sam Billings and the two England batsmen took the attack to the Sharjah bowlers. The Warriors just weren't able to control the flow of runs. Hales, after notching up his fifty, was dropped twice and he punished Woakes by scoring 22 runs in a single over. Billings missed his half-ton by one run. The 128-run partnership resulted in the Vipers hunting down the total with 20 balls to spare and Hales fittingly hit the winning runs.

16.4 Junaid Siddique to Hales, FOUR, slower ball into the pitch, Hales walks down the pitch, moves leg-side in the process and slams the pull over mid-on. Desert Vipers win by 7 wickets!

16.3 Junaid Siddique to Rutherford, 1 run, stabbed to sweeper cover and Hales doesn't want the second

Rutherford passes the concussion test...

16.2 Junaid Siddique to Rutherford, no run, bumper, Billings misses the pull and gets hit on the helmet. Junaid Siddique is quick to apologize

Sherfane Rutherford, left handed bat, comes to the crease

16.1 Junaid Siddique to Billings, out Caught by Naveen-ul-Haq!! back of a length delivery, Billings looks to tuck it away and closes his bat-face early. Gets a leading edge and the ball lobs up in the air. Naveen-ul-Haq settles under the skier to gobble it up. Billings misses his half-ton by one run! Billings c Naveen-ul-Haq b Junaid Siddique 49(38) [4s-4 6s-1]

Junaid Siddique to Billings, THATS OUT!! Caught!!

Junaid Siddique [2.0-0-12-0] is back into the attack

DV: 143-2 after 16 overs

15.6 Meiyappan to Hales, no run, comes down the track and drills it straight to mid-wicket off the inner edge

15.5 Meiyappan to Billings, 1 run, in-drifter, Billings comes down the track to swing across the line and miscues off the inner half of the bat. Falls short of deep mid-wicket

15.4 Meiyappan to Billings, no run, short again, Billings cuts again but finds the fielder at cover on this occasion

15.3 Meiyappan to Billings, FOUR, legbreak, Billings rocks back and cuts it through the covers. Supern placement

15.2 Meiyappan to Hales, 1 run, driven through point

15.1 Meiyappan to Billings, 1 run, short delivery, pulled away to long-on

Karthik Meiyappan [2.0-0-20-0] is back into the attack