Commentary: India Women Vs West Indies Women, 3rd Match

India Women vs West Indies Women, 3rd Match

India Women won by 56 runs

INDW - 167/2 (20)
WIW - 111/4 (20)

CRR:  5.55

Player of the Match


Two wins out of two for India and both have been convincing. They have two more games to tick off a few boxes and same with the West Indies. The next game in the series is on Wednesday. Do join us for that. Until then, goodbye and stay safe..

Smriti Mandhana | Player of the Match: I think the wicket was similar. But after the first game we understood our mistakes and learned how to bat on that wicket. That's what we discussed; we did not want to go hard from the start and that's what the team asked me to do. When Harmanpreet came out we could score more freely and get that score.

Harmanpreet Kaur: We don't want to hurry (with the bat) at any cost and keeping wickets gives you confidence. We have to bat really well on these wickets where runs are not easy to get. Smriti batted well and when I walked out it was easy for me to take charge. Whenever you go out to bat you want to score runs and happy I could do that today.

Hayley Matthews: We had a conservation to keep a positive intent and rotate strike. It was an excellent knock from them but we helped with a couple of dropped catches. We started well with the ball but could not maintain it for the whole course of the innings. We look forward to the next game which is a must-win for us.

22:01 Local Time, 20:01 GMT, 01:31 IST: West Indies' chase started only after the 10-over mark and till then they were meandering along. Hayley Matthews, their skipper and best batter, did not open and came out at number five which was a strange tactic considering they were chasing a big total. She, like her counterpart, gave the innings some impetus and started to stitch a partnership with Campbelle. The pair showed more intent after the drinks break and added a 50+ stand but the slow start left them with too much to do. But they scored 72 runs in the last 10 overs and that's a positive they can take away. Hang around for the presentations..

WIW: 111-4 after 20 overs

19.6 Shikha Pandey to Afy Fletcher, 1 run, India win by 56 runs. Full delivery outside off, Fletcher drives to sweeper cover

19.5 Shikha Pandey to Afy Fletcher, no run, low full toss around off, Fletcher eases it straight to mid-off

19.4 Shikha Pandey to Afy Fletcher, no run, speared into the blockhole outside off, Fletcher cannot lay bat on that

19.3 Shikha Pandey to Matthews, 1 run, misses the yorker this time and Matthews drills it straight to deep extra cover, just a single

19.2 Shikha Pandey to Matthews, no run, nails the yorker on middle, Matthews jams it onto the pad and the ball goes nowhere

19.1 Shikha Pandey to Matthews, no run, very full and angled in, Matthews clears her front leg and flicks it to mid-wicket

Shikha Pandey [3.0-0-16-0] is back into the attack

WIW: 109-4 after 19 overs

18.6 Deepti Sharma to Afy Fletcher, no run, comes down the track and works it to the right of Deepti, she dives and makes the stop

18.5 Deepti Sharma to Afy Fletcher, no run, low full toss on leg-stump, Fletcher reverse sweeps and picks out backward point

18.4 Deepti Sharma to Afy Fletcher, FOUR, tossed up on off, Fletcher flicks it towards deep mid-wicket and Jemimah cannot stop the boundary. She moves to her left and slides but the ball escapes her grasp

18.3 Deepti Sharma to Afy Fletcher, no run, flatter and fraction short, Fletcher cuts it straight to extra cover and there's a shy at the bowler's end

18.2 Deepti Sharma to Afy Fletcher, FOUR, overpitches the flighted delivery, Fletcher flicks it between deep mid-wicket and long-on, Jemimah and Harleen leave it for each other and concede the boundary

18.1 Deepti Sharma to Afy Fletcher, no run, slower and spinning in, Fletcher misses the flick and is struck high on the pad

Deepti Sharma [3.0-0-21-2] is back into the attack

WIW: 101-4 after 18 overs

17.6 Radha Yadav to Matthews, FOUR, that ruins Radha's figures a bit. Floated up outside off, Matthews had the width to go over the infield and she does not bother to keep it down, lofted up and over cover-point. Radha finishes with 4-0-10-1