Commentary: Durban Super Giants Vs Pretoria Capitals, 15th Match

Durban Super Giants vs Pretoria Capitals, 15th Match

Pretoria Capitals won by 8 wkts

ND - 80 (18.1)
ND - 84/2 (7.4)

CRR:  10.96

Player of the Match


A disappointing contest to start the weekend as far as the tournament is concerned but there are plenty of games across the weekend and we should get some blockbuster matches for sure. It's a wrap as far as today's coverage is concerned. Until next time, it's a goodbye from us. Cheers!

Wayne Parnell | Pretoria captain: It worked out nicely. It's due to the fact that we didn't try to be too fancy, just played the conditions. We have a lot of experienced locals, it's about sharing information and lot of us have played here. Just about talking, and trying to execute. Sometimes you can get too funky, for us it's just about backing everyone. Credit to every single bowler, everyone managed to execute nicely. Everyone were really switched on. We wanted to go out there and be positive (in the batting). When they do that, it's when they are at their best. As we go deeper into the competition, bonus point will come into the picture. Nice to pick up one.

Senuran Muthusamy | Player of the Match: Really grateful that it came off for me today. Some days you bowl well but still don't get the rewards. So I'm grateful it came off for me. I played the first game and we've been winning, so the team didn't need to change, unless conditions dictated it. Like today, where we needed an extra spin option. I was training well, conditioning myself well. It was a bit tacky, two-paced surface. Not a 80 surface but maybe a 130-140 surface.

Quinton de Kock | Durban captain: It (poor batting performance) could just be due to bad execution with the bat. They did bowl well, it did grip a bit but we were just not good enough. We knew there would be a bit of swing and bounce, but we expected that. It was just a bad day for us. We had a discussion at some point about what we wanted to get to, we tried to play matchups and all but it didn't work. Even if there were two wickets at the start, we'd still be clutching at straws. I don't think this is a game we should dwell a lot on, it's something we must erase and move on.

19:55 Local Time, 17:55 GMT, 23:25 IST: It doesn't really get more one-sided than this, does it? The job was done by the Pretoria bowlers in the first half and the result was a foregone conclusion once the first innings ended. Yes, Mayers did ruffle things a bit with the wicket of Salt on the very first ball of the innings, and nearly had de Bruyn next ball as well. But there isn't a lot of pressure that can be created when you're defending just 80 and Jacks made a proper mockery of the target, almost threatening to end it in the powerplay itself. He produced a batting masterclass and the only thing he couldn't do was to finish the game with a glory hit. de Bruyn did that instead and this is a serious thrashing for Durban who have let their home crowd down big time today. This loss also dents their net run rate quite heavily, while obviously boosting Pretoria's. The visitors also pocket a priceless bonus point.

7.4 Subrayen to de Bruyn, FOUR, he will finish it in style! Capitals complete a eight-wicket thrashing! Shorter delivery on leg stump, de Bruyn gets inside the line and pulls firmly backward of square. Field is up that side and it races away to the fence

7.3 Subrayen to de Bruyn, no run, fired wider, fuller, de Bruyn digs it out to point

Biggie to finish? Will he or won't he?

7.2 Subrayen to Rossouw, 1 run, darted on leg stump, Rossouw hangs back and clips it towards square leg. Gets de Bruyn on strike with the scores level

7.1 Subrayen to de Bruyn, 1 run, well de Bruyn does try for the big hit but doesn't get the timing on the back foot pull. MIstimed to long-on. Just a single

Prenelan Subrayen, right-arm off break, comes into the attack

Rilee Rossouw, left handed bat, comes to the crease

Just one hit away. But with Jacks gone, will we saw a glory hit to finish? Or just the nudging around.

PC: 78-2 after 7 overs

6.6 Maharaj to Will Jacks, out Caught by Subrayen!! Oh, what an anti-climax! Jacks obviously wanted to finish the game with a six, looks to repeat the previous shot but doesn't connect it properly on this occasion. And with the leg-side boundary being larger at this end, it's right down the throat of deep mid-wicket. He's gone but boy, what an exhibition that was from Jacks!! Will Jacks c Subrayen b Maharaj 56(25) [4s-5 6s-4]

Maharaj to Will Jacks, THATS OUT!! Caught!!

6.5 Maharaj to Will Jacks, no run, flatter one outside off, Jacks stays back and punches it to cover

6.4 Maharaj to Will Jacks, SIX, and now peppers the larger side of the ground with an even bigger hit! Jacks clearly wants this done quickly and this should done in this over itself. Not all that short from Maharaj, but Jacks is back in a flash, pulling over deep mid-wicket. As all his hits are, this is also a seriously power-packed one

6.3 Maharaj to de Bruyn, 1 run, quicker and sliding in on leg stump, de Bruyn hangs back and punches it down to long-on

6.2 Maharaj to Will Jacks, 1 run, quicker ball on leg stump, worked away off the back foot past square leg. 22-ball fifty for Jacks and it's been a visual treat for everyone who has witnessed him bat today. Sublime stuff

6.1 Maharaj to Will Jacks, no run, flatter one around leg stump, Jacks stays back to pull and is struck on the thigh pad