Commentary: Sunrisers Eastern Cape Vs Mi Cape Town, 9th Match

Sunrisers Eastern Cape vs MI Cape Town, 9th Match

Sunrisers Eastern Cape won by 4 wkts

MICT - 158/8 (20)
SEC - 162/6 (19.3)

CRR:  8.31

Player of the Match


That concludes proceedings from game 9. It's a double-header day tomorrow. Do remember to join us for all the fun. Cheers!!

Aiden Markram | Player of the Match: It's a big relief. Made a little tough for ourselves in the end. Wanted to be there at the end and get the job done, lot to learn and take away from this game personally. Credit to Stubbs for getting us towards the finish line. I was a bit nervous in the end, but certainly pleased. The margin for error is quite small in this tournament and I thought 160 was a par score. More of the same and focus on areas we can improve on.

Rashid Khan: It was a close game, we were 15-20 short. But we fought well and overall it was a good performance especially the way we foughtback with the ball. Still a few things to think about and next game we will comeback strong. Focus on what's coming next and everyone knows their role in the side and next game we have a home game and we will give our hundred percent.

20:59 local, 18:59 GMT, 00:29 IST: After two successive defeats, Sunrisers badly needed a win tonight and they did it against the table-toppers with three balls to spare. They lost the openers pretty cheaply inside three overs and then had a near 100-run game-changing stand between Erwee and Markram. Three quick wickets post that partnership, however, helped MI claw their way back into this game but Tristan Stubbs, the finisher, was more than good enough to place his side on the edge of the finish line. Though he got out first ball off the last over, Fuller creamed two successive boundaries to claim a much-needed win for the home team. Presentations shortly, stay tuned...

19.3Odean Smith to J Fuller, FOUR, heaved away over mid-on and doesn't matter if it's a boundary or a single. Maiden T20 win for Sunrisers Eastern Cape. They win by 4 wickets

19.2 Odean Smith to J Fuller, FOUR, cool as cucumber! James Fuller makes room and spanks the short ball past mid-off to his left. Just one run away now...

James Fuller, right handed bat, comes to the crease

19.1 Odean Smith to Tristan Stubbs, out Caught by Roelofsen!! Oh my my.... Tristan Stubbs is slamming his hand onto his bat. Kicks the turf and punches his hand onto the bat twice before walking off. He is absolutely livid with himself. It was there to be hit but perhaps Stubbs was taken aback by the pace on that. Skiddy short of length delivery outside off, Stubbs seeks to pull leg-side and gets a thin bottom edge through to the keeper. Is there a twist in the tale here? Tristan Stubbs c Roelofsen b Odean Smith 30(18) [4s-2 6s-1]

Odean Smith to Tristan Stubbs, THATS OUT!! Caught!!

Sunrisers are just a strike away...

SEC: 154-5 after 19 overs

18.6 Sam Curran to Tristan Stubbs, 1 run, jumps on the short ball and pulls it to the right of long-on

18.5 Sam Curran to Tristan Stubbs, FOUR, slower, shorter and wider from Sam Curran. Stubbs sits deep inside the crease and flays it behind point with tremendous bottom hand power

18.4 Sam Curran to Marco Jansen, 1 run, short ball just outside off, Jansen splices the punch to the right of long-off

18.3 Sam Curran to Tristan Stubbs, 1 run, short and wide of off, Stubbs slashes it to the left of sweeper cover

18.2 Sam Curran to Tristan Stubbs, FOUR, 133ks length delivery on the pads, whipped away behind square on the leg-side, beats the short fine fielder to his right. Excellent timing from Stubbs

18.2 Sam Curran to Tristan Stubbs, wide, digs it short and drags it well wide of off, Stubbs looks to slap it on the off-side and misses

18.1 Sam Curran to Marco Jansen, 1 run, slower ball bumper outside off, Jansen heaves the pull to the left of long-on

Sam Curran [3.0-0-24-2] is back into the attack

Thanks to that last-ball six, Sunrisers now need 18 off the last 2 overs. Just a matter of three big hits?

SEC: 141-5 after 18 overs

17.6 Odean Smith to Tristan Stubbs, SIX, short and sits up nicely outside off for Tristan Stubbs, he clears his front leg and clobbers it many-a-mile over mid-wicket