Commentary: Pakistan Vs England, 3rd T20I

Pakistan vs England, 3rd T20I

England won by 63 runs

ENG - 221/3 (20)
PAK - 158/8 (20)

CRR:  7.90

Player of the Match


England edge ahead in the series. The next game is on Sunday - the 25th. Do join us for that one. Till then, take care and be safe. Hope you enjoyed our coverage as much as we did in bringing it to you. Till Sunday, cuddle tight and sleep well. See you for now.

Moeen Ali: Felt was a brilliant win. Ruthless tonight. That partnership was outstanding. Brook is showing what a player he can become potentially for the future. For us he is amazing. Guys have got a bit of experience from the PSL, saw Will Jacks take it to the bowlers and showed intent. Amazing for England, still a few players who are not here, so great for our cricket [on squad depth]. That was really quick, he bowled serious pace, its nice to see him come back. Hes a massive part of our team and for the World Cup we need him firing like that [on Mark Wood].

Babar Azam | Talking in Urdu: The plan was to give a good start chasing such a big total but we lost 4 wickets inside 6 overs and that transferred the pressure to the other batters. The plan was to trust the bowlers based on the batsmen out there in the middle, but we did not bowl to the field, bowled on the opposite side. Have to look at that and sit and have a chat about it. Was nice to see Masood getting a good knock in, he played well both behind and in front of the wicket.

Harry Brook | POTM: It was very nice to get out there and get a match-winning performance in tonight. It was quite similar to the other night, every pitch has been similar. The key was having a solid gameplan and sticking to it, get on the front foot as often as you can. He’s so good against spin, it’s ridiculous and I was trying to get him on strike as much as I can [on Duckett].

Harry Brook is the Player of the Match.

Adil Rashid is presented with the best batter of the match award instead of the player of the match and he realises the mistake, accepts it gracefully and while walking back shakes his head.

22:57 Local Time, 17:57 GMT, 23:27 IST: England go 2-1 up with a big win. Set up by their batters who were magnificent as they posted 221. Once Babar and Rizwan went early, it was game over at that point, the rest was a formality with Masood helping himself to a contribution which should do his credentials no harm. The extreme pace of Wood who hit the 150kph mark from his first over, bounced out the Pakistan batters with that heat. The cushion of such a big target allowed him to crank it up to his highest dial and what encouraging news this is for England ahead of the T20 WC to see Wood in such form. The game drew to a predictable conclusion as Pakistan avoided getting bowled out which should be the only positive from this game for them. Do stay tuned for the post-match presentation.

PAK: 158-8 after 20 overs

19.6 Topley to Mohammad Hasnain, FOUR, the game ends with a four but England win this comfortably. A proper thrashing this. Full on the stumps, Mohammad Hasnain backs away and crashes the drive wide of extra-cover and long-off does not even attempt to stop it

19.5 Topley to Masood, 1 run, full on off, drilled straight to the fielder at mid-off and Masood is quick to take the single even as the throw misses

19.4 Topley to Mohammad Hasnain, 1 run, full and angling into Mohammad Hasnain outside leg-stump, who drives and the thick outside-edge rolls to third man

19.3 Topley to Masood, 1 run, loopy low full-toss on off, swung to deep mid-wicket with no timing

19.2 Topley to Mohammad Hasnain, 1 run, full on off-stump from round the wicket, Mohammad Hasnain slices it high and Dawson running back from backward point circles around the skier, does not even get a finger on it in the end as the ball falls further from his grasp

19.1 Topley to Masood, 1 run, right up in the blockhole outside off, jammed out to the extra-cover pocket

Reece Topley [3.0-0-13-1] is back into the attack

PAK: 149-8 after 19 overs

18.6 Mark Wood to Mohammad Hasnain, no run, searing yorker on off-stump, Mohammad Hasnain does well to dig it out to backward square leg and Masood does not want the run

Mohammad Hasnain, right handed bat, comes to the crease

18.5 Mark Wood to Haris Rauf, out Caught by Sam Curran!! One more for Mark Wood. Typical hard back of a length delivery into the pitch, Haris Rauf backs away to carve and is hit just below the sticker on the bat, a dolly to backward point. Haris Rauf c Sam Curran b Mark Wood 4(2) [4s-1]

Mark Wood to Haris Rauf, THATS OUT!! Caught!!

18.4 Mark Wood to Haris Rauf, FOUR, Mark Wood is down on his knees on his followthrough and the ball's flown away to the third man fence. Full outside off, Haris Rauf drives and the outside-edge flies

18.3 Mark Wood to Masood, 1 run, back of a length sliding down, on the hips, thin under-edge on the pull, on to the thigh and a single taken

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