Commentary: Melbourne Renegades Vs Adelaide Strikers, 54th Match

Melbourne Renegades vs Adelaide Strikers, 54th Match

Melbourne Renegades won by 6 wkts

ADS - 142/7 (20)
MLR - 143/4 (18.2)

CRR:  7.80

Player of the Match


Four teams have qualified; one more spot up for grabs and two teams (Sydney Thunder and Hobart Hurricanes) are in the hunt. Tune in tomorrow for the last two round-robin encounters. For now, goodbye...

Aaron Finch | Player of the Match: (Mindset) I knew we had to get a little bit of platform. The wicket played pretty well once the ball got older. It was still seaming. I tried to take deep and Critchley played brilliantly. That was a great little knock (from Wells), he was a calming influence. (On Fawad Ahmed) His wicket of de Grandhomme was huge. He bowled nicely.

22:34 Local Time, 11:34 GMT, 17:04 IST: Melbourne Renegades are through to the playoffs; Adelaide Strikers have been knocked out! A superb knock from captain Aaron Finch to guide them home. Chasing 143 on a tricky surface, the Renegades were reduced to 16/3 in the third over. Skipper Finch was joined by Matthew Critchley and the duo steadied the ship with a fifty partnership. Just when it looked like the 'Gades were cruising, the Englishman was run-out. The Strikers got the opening and applied the pressure with a few tight overs. Wells and Finch batted patiently and the equation came down to '24 runs needed off 18 balls'. That's when the home team decided to take the Power Surge. Finch took the attack to Agar by hitting two fours and a six in an over. In the following over, Wells applied the finishing touches with back-to-back boundaries off Siddle.

18.3 Siddle to Wells, wide, slower delivery and Siddle errs with his line down the leg-side. Melbourne Renegades win by 6 wickets!

18.2 Siddle to Wells, FOUR, low full toss, Wells crouches a bit and drives it to the right of mid-on. Played along the ground and the ball speeds away to the fence

18.1 Siddle to Wells, FOUR, it's suddenly raining boundaries! Length ball, Wells walks forward and swats it over mid-on. The boundary brings up the fifty partnership!

Equation: 9 runs | 12 balls.

MLR: 134-4 after 18 overs

17.6 Wes Agar to Finch, SIX, 137.7kph, too full, too straight to a backing away batter and Finch pounces. Uses the bowler's pace and angle to whip it away powerfully over deep square leg for a maximum. 15 runs off the over!

17.5 Wes Agar to Finch, FOUR, fuller than good length, Finch moves leg-side, walks forward in the process and hammers it over mid-on for a one-bounce four. Middled it!

17.4 Wes Agar to Finch, no run, yorker length, jammed to mid-off

17.3 Wes Agar to Finch, FOUR, fifty for Aaron Finch! Can he guide his team to victory? Full delivery, Finch moves leg-side to drive and gets a thick outside edge that flies over backward point before running away to the fence. He waves his bat...

17.2 Wes Agar to Wells, 1 run, moves leg-side and pulls this shortish delivery to deep mid-wicket

17.1 Wes Agar to Wells, no run, length ball, swung hard by the batter and Wells finds mid-wicket

Wes Agar [3.0-0-17-1] is back into the attack

Equation: 24 runs | 18 balls. Melbourne Renegades have taken the Power Surge!

MLR: 119-4 after 17 overs

16.6Siddle to Finch, FOUR, 135.4kph, Finch jogs down the track, converts it into a half-volley and fiercely drives it full delivery straight of mid-off. The boundary spoils the over for Siddle

16.5 Siddle to Finch, no run, fullish delivery, turned to mid-wicket

16.4 Siddle to Wells, 1 run, in the air ... and ... safe! Short of a length outside off, dabbed uppishly to third man. The backward point fielder was quite fine and the ball wasn't too far away from him

16.3 Siddle to Wells, no run, seams away from a good length, Wells looks to guide it to third man, gets beaten on the outside edge

16.2 Siddle to Finch, 1 run, full delivery, driven to the left of cover who makes a diving stop and has a shy at the bowler's end. A direct hit would have probably found Finch short of his ground. Head was the fielder