Commentary: Hobart Hurricanes Vs Sydney Sixers, 53rd Match

Hobart Hurricanes vs Sydney Sixers, 53rd Match

Sydney Sixers won by 24 runs

SYS - 180/7 (20)
HBH - 156/8 (20)

CRR:  7.80

Player of the Match


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Steve Smith | Player of the Match: I just want to help the boys win another title. The next game in Perth will be my last this season and hopefully I can send them off with another good performance and give them a chance to win another title. We have been playing a lot of games on slower wickets back home this season but now we go to Perth where there will be pace and bounce at the Optus Stadium, different surface and different conditions, but up for the challenge. I'm playing for a reason, I wanted to play every game and I feel like I've been contributing with a good couple of games. One more to go.

22:51 Local Time, 11:51 GMT, 17:21 IST: The Hurricanes fail to get the win they needed and will have to win their last game and hope to get into the 5-team playoff race. Chasing 181, the openers failed and Zak Crawley played fine shots early on before he lost all timing as the innings went on and got frustrated before getting out. The key wickets were that of Wade and Tim David, both started well but got out to hits which were caught in the deep. The Sixers just choked the run-flow with a variety of slower balls and yorkers using the dimensions of the field well. Izharulhaq Naveed put the brakes on in the middle overs and once David got out, it was a tall ask for the Hurricanes. Eventually the Sixers closed out an easy win as Nathan Ellis helped himself to some fun. The Hurricanes have a crucial final game where they will have to win. No such worries for the Sixers who go to meet the Scorchers in great form. Stay tuned to find out who the Player of the Match is...

HBH: 156-8 after 20 overs

19.6 Dwarshuis to Dooley, 1 run, dropped by Smith at deep mid-wicket. Full on the stumps, heaved in the air, Smith seems to have been put off by the lights and drops a simple catch as he goes reverse-cupped. A minor blot as the Sixers win by 24

19.5 Dwarshuis to Nathan Ellis, 1 run, slower ball dug in short on the stumps, Nathan Ellis mistimes the pull to deep backward square leg

19.4 Dwarshuis to Nathan Ellis, SIX, full on the stumps, in the slot, Nathan Ellis flicks high and handsome over deep square leg, into the crowd and it's dropped. Nathan Ellis has a big smile on his face

19.3 Dwarshuis to Nathan Ellis, no run, yorker length just outside off, Nathan Ellis can't dig it out

19.2 Dwarshuis to Nathan Ellis, FOUR, would have been a stunner had Silk running back from deep mid-wicket and leaping with his outstretched left hand had caught that, Nathan Ellis pulls and does just enough to beat Silk who eventually did not get a fingertip on it as he tried his best

19.1 Dwarshuis to Nathan Ellis, 2 runs, full on off, lofted and miscued to long-on and they come back for two

Ben Dwarshuis [3.0-0-22-0] is back into the attack

HBH: 142-8 after 19 overs

18.6 Hayden Kerr to Nathan Ellis, 1 run, slower ball off-cutter across Nathan Ellis who pulls to long-on

Patrick Dooley, left handed bat, comes to the crease

18.5Hayden Kerr to Nathan Ellis, out Joel Paris Run Out!! 1 run completed. A low full-toss on off, driven to long-on and Joel Paris is too slow, can't get back as the throw comes to Hayden Kerr who breaks it. Paris is short. Joel Paris run out (Abbott/Hayden Kerr) 3(4)

Hayden Kerr to Nathan Ellis, THATS OUT!! Run Out!!

18.4 Hayden Kerr to Nathan Ellis, FOUR, Nathan Ellis comes down the track and slogs, the thick outside-edge loops over short third man's head

18.3 Hayden Kerr to Joel Paris, 1 run, fine yorker on the stumps, Joel Paris keeps it out, the ball rolls near his feet and they cross over

18.2 Hayden Kerr to Nathan Ellis, 1 run, slower ball off-cutter on off, pulled to deep mid-wicket

18.1 Hayden Kerr to Joel Paris, 1 run, low full-toss on off, pushed to cover for one

Hayden Kerr [3.0-0-25-2] is back into the attack

Nathan Ellis, right handed bat, comes to the crease