Commentary: Brisbane Heat Vs Melbourne Stars, 51st Match

Brisbane Heat vs Melbourne Stars, 51st Match

Brisbane Heat won by 4 runs

BRH - 188/4 (20)
MLS - 184/3 (20)

CRR:  9.20

Player of the Match


16:05 Local Time, 06:05 GMT, 11:35 IST: So near and so far once again for the Stars, they'll look back at slowing down against spin as a pivotal moment in the game - Stoinis and Cartwright tried their best, but they were asked to do too much. Khawaja hugs his bowler, so does does the rest of the mates, 4 wins on the bounce for Brisbane and they've stormed closer to the playoffs.Thomas Rogers gave a flying start, but Clarke and Kellaway slowed down in the middle, asking their power-hitters to probably do a lot more. There was plenty of drama though during those last couple of frenetic overs - both Stoinis and Cartwright getting reprieved through no-balls, but Johnson held his nerve when it mattered the most. As for the Stars, they'll dwell upon yet another match which slipped away from their grasp. So, 5 teams in the hunt for playoff spots and the BBL will only get more and more interesting. Another must-win game coming up shortly with the Renegades looking to save their season. Join us in a couple of hours for the match at the Furnace. For now, cheers and bye..

MLS: 184-3 after 20 overs

19.6Spencer Johnson to Stoinis, 1 run, Stoinis can't, Heat celebrate and they're all but through to the playoffs. Johnson has held his nerve once again in the last over and has defended 14 for his team - a low full-toss and it's driven down to long-on for a single

6 needed off the last ball - can Stoinis do it?

19.5 Spencer Johnson to Cartwright, byes, 1 run, lovely delivery, full and pushed across the right-hander, Cartwright swings across the line and misses, they sneak in a bye - getting Stoinis on strike

19.4 Spencer Johnson to Cartwright, 2 runs, low full-toss outside off, Cartwright carves it back over the non-striker's head, but long-off gets across to cut off the boundary - two more though and they need 7 from 2 balls

9 needed from 3 balls - Johnson is taking his time now

19.3Spencer Johnson to Stoinis, 1 run, lovely bowling from Johnson, fuller length delivery outside off and Stoinis can't get the drive past Khawaja at extra-cover, just a single

19.2 Spencer Johnson to Stoinis, no run, excellent comeback from Johnson, full and pushed across the right-hander, beats Stoinis's waft with the angle. 10 needed off 4 now

10 needed off 5 balls

19.1 Spencer Johnson to Stoinis, FOUR, lovely, quick hands from Stoinis - shuffled across, got inside the line and helped it on its way over short fine for a boundary

14 needed off the last over. Stars in front considering Stoinis will be on strike? Who'll bowl? Khawaja trusts Spencer Johnson to do the job for him

MLS: 175-3 after 19 overs

18.6 Neser to Cartwright, 2 runs, short of a length and at the stumps, pulled away behind square on the on-side and Cartwright comes back for the second - 21 off the over

18.5 Neser to Cartwright, FOUR, low full-toss and Cartwright has clouted it over mid-wicket, the fielder gets across on the slide, but he was already on the ropes as he did so, the ball also clipped the padding

18.5 Neser to Cartwright, wide, banged in short, but it sailed over Cartwright's head, called as a wide for height

can Cartwright get a boundary or two away?

18.4 Neser to Stoinis, 1 run, slower short ball from Neser - Stoinis backs away and swats it to deep mid-wicket, on the bounce to the keeper

18.3Neser to Stoinis, SIX, hammered, sheer power from Stoinis - gets under the length and launches it high and over long-off, brought his strong bottom-hand into play

18.2 Neser to Stoinis, no run, the free-hit doesn't cost anything for Heat, low full-toss and Stoinis drove it straight to the fielder at mid-off

Khawaja has a chat with his bowler

18.2 Neser to Stoinis, no ball, that could be the game for Heat. But is this another no-ball, looked quite high once again and the 3rd umpire will have a look. It's high, but is it above the waist? A big call here for the third umpire - will the bowler get the benefit of doubt? Given as a no-ball and Stoinis will get a free-hit - was a high full-toss and Stoinis paddled it straight into the hands of short third man, he wasn't going anywhere and he's right