Commentary: Brisbane Heat Vs Hobart Hurricanes, 49th Match

Brisbane Heat vs Hobart Hurricanes, 49th Match

Brisbane Heat won by 12 runs

BRH - 162/6 (20)
HBH - 150/6 (20)

CRR:  7.50

Player of the Match


22:18 Local Time, 12:18 GMT, 17:48 IST: The chase ebbed and flowed and in the end it was Brisbane Heat who kept their nerve and made it three wins on the bounce. Neser picked up a couple of early wickets and put the Hurricanes on the back foot. Wade counterattacked but Jewell could not get going at the other end. The spinners put the squeeze in the middle overs and left the Canes with too much to do. David did threaten to take the game away but a young Spencer Johnson stayed calm and defended 18 off the final over. This win also takes Heat to the fifth spot and they still have a couple of games to play. That brings an end to double header day. We will be back tomorrow with the Sydney Derby. Until then, goodbye and stay safe..

HBH: 150-6 after 20 overs

19.6 Spencer Johnson to Tim David, 1 run, Brisbane Heat win by 12 runs. Fullish delivery around off, David mistimes the heave to long-on

19.5 Spencer Johnson to Tim David, no run, that should do it. This is superb bowling. He saw David shuffle and kept it close to him, got good heat on the back of a length delivery as well and he goes past the under-edge

19.4 Spencer Johnson to Tim David, no run, uhhh! This was in the slot and David will feel missed out. Full and slanted outside off, David moves across and swings hard but fails to make contact. 14 off 2

19.3 Spencer Johnson to Tim David, 2 runs, short and outside off, David slaps the cut square on the off-side and the sweeper prevents the boundary. 14 off 3

19.2 Spencer Johnson to Tim David, no run, short of length outside off, David moves across and swings towards deep mid-wicket, but it was pacy and there was a bit of extra bounce, flies over the top-edge and it is now 16 off 4

Square leg comes in and point drops back

19.1 Spencer Johnson to Tim David, 2 runs, full and angled outside off, David opens the bat face and slices it over backward point, sweeper gets around and keeps it down to a couple. 16 off 5

Spencer Johnson [3.0-0-17-1] is back into the attack

18 off the last over. David has taken the onus to finish the game. He will be facing an inexperienced Johnson. Here we go..

HBH: 145-6 after 19 overs

18.6 Neser to Faheem Ashraf, no run, short and into the body, Faheem miscues the pull to deep square and they don't take the single

18.5 Neser to Faheem Ashraf, SIX, why didn't he come out before Owen? First ball and Faheem has sent it over the rope. Length delivery and he swings it straight back over Neser, clears the fence with ease

Faheem Ashraf, left handed bat, comes to the crease

18.4 Neser to Mitchell Owen, out Caught by Hain!! Excellent catch from Hain. Owen didn't want to play a single and he instead goes for the big shot. Slower and dug into the surface, Owen heaves and gets it high on the bat, skies straight back over the bowler and Hain runs in from long-on, slides forward and takes it inches above the ground. A wicket means it keeps David off strike as well. Mitchell Owen c Hain b Neser 3(8)

Neser to Mitchell Owen, THATS OUT!! Caught!!

18.3 Neser to Tim David, 1 run, short and rushes onto David, he gets a top-edge on the pull and the ball lands in front of deep backward square

18.2 Neser to Tim David, no run, appeal for LBW. Neser was very interested but not Peirson. Off-pace delivery and David misses the glance, struck around leg-stump but the ball was going down

18.1 Neser to Tim David, 2 runs, good length ball around off, David nudges it with soft hands to mid-wicket and races back for the second

Michael Neser [3.0-0-18-2] is back into the attack

27 off 12. Here's Neser with the penultimate over