Commentary: Adelaide Strikers Vs Perth Scorchers, 48th Match

Adelaide Strikers vs Perth Scorchers, 48th Match

Perth Scorchers won by 7 wkts

ADS - 92 (17)
PRS - 94/3 (11.1)

CRR:  8.42

Player of the Match


18:15 Local Time, 07:45 GMT, 13:15 IST: Perth Scorchers breeze through the chase and consolidate their position at the top of the table. Adelaide Strikers have been dealt a massive blow, they have not only lost embarrassingly but their NRR has also taken a beating. Bancroft ran himself out and Eskinazi was deceived superbly by Boyce. Hardie and Inglis got together once again and steadied the innings, the pair added a 50+ stand and took the Scorchers on the brink of victory before Hardie threw it away. But Turner and Inglis didn't waste much time to get the job done. The Strikers seemed to have given up even before the chase began because out of the 11.1 overs 8.1 were bowled by the spinners and this loss has left them in a precarious position. That's all from this game. We have another coming up in just over an hour. Join us back for that. See you soon..

11.1 Short to Josh Inglis, FOUR, Perth Scorchers win by 7 wickets. Flighted outside off, Inglis crouches low and reverse sweeps to deep backward point

PRS: 90-3 after 11 overs

10.6 Boyce to Turner, no run, flighted outside off, Turner goes for the sweep and is beaten because of the away turn

10.5 Boyce to Josh Inglis, 1 run, looped up and Inglis lofts inside out to sweeper cover, just a single

10.4 Boyce to Turner, 1 run, slower and around off, Turner sweeps to deep square leg and it is only a single

10.3 Boyce to Turner, no run, flighted on off, Turner leans forward and blocks it to the off-side

Ashton Turner, right handed bat, comes to the crease

10.2 Boyce to Hardie, out Caught by Harry Nielsen!! Hardie wanted to finish in style but perishes in the process. Boyce floats it up invitingly and Hardie takes the bait, he goes for the slog sweep and gets a big top-edge towards deep mid-wicket, Nielsen runs in and juggles it a few times before hanging on. Hardie c Harry Nielsen b Boyce 43(30) [4s-3 6s-3]

Boyce to Hardie, THATS OUT!! Caught!!

10.1 Boyce to Hardie, no run, tossed up on middle and leg, Hardie leans forward and defends it to cover

Cameron Boyce [2.0-0-10-1] is back into the attack

PRS: 88-2 after 10 overs

9.6 Short to Hardie, 1 run, fired in at the stumps, Hardie eases it in front of long-on and retains strike

9.5 Short to Josh Inglis, 1 run, quicker and at the stumps, Inglis nudges it through mid-wicket and settles with a single

9.4 Short to Josh Inglis, no run, backs away and Short goes flatter, knocked straight to cover

9.3 Short to Hardie, 1 run, slower and follows Hardie, he makes room and works it down to long-on

9.2 Short to Hardie, SIX, Hardie wants to finish it quickly. Flighted outside off, Hardie sits down and gets under the ball, brings the long levers into play and nails the slog sweep well beyond the deep mid-wicket rope

9.1 Short to Hardie, no run, quicker and outside off, Hardie cuts and is beaten on the outside edge

Matthew Short [2.0-0-10-0] is back into the attack

PRS: 79-2 after 9 overs

8.6 de Grandhomme to Josh Inglis, SIX, Inglis has a piece of de Grandhomme now. On a length and around off, Inglis gets under the ball and heaves it to deep mid-wicket. Short square boundaries here and they cleared them comfortably

8.5 de Grandhomme to Josh Inglis, no run, moves across his stumps to play the lap, but the ball is angled in and he misses. Bounces over the stumps