Commentary: New Zealand Vs Sri Lanka, 1st Test

New Zealand vs Sri Lanka, 1st Test

New Zealand won by 2 wkts

SL - 355 & 302
NZ - 373 & 285/8 (70)

CRR:  4.07

Player of the Match


So, that's it from us! Games like these are a perfect testimony that Test cricket can produce thrilling contests. NZ won the crunch moments in this game and that is all it mattered eventually. SL are now effectively out of the race for the WTC final. They gave their best but couldn't handle the pressure situations well enough. Join us for the 2nd and final Test which will begin on 17th March in Wellington. Till then, goodye and cheers!

Daryl Mitchell has been awarded the Player of the Match for his terrific ton in the first innings and a match-winning 81 in the second innings.

SL held the upper hand in most parts of the game but they gave it away when it really mattered. They batted well to post a competitive total on the board with good contributions from the top and middle order. They bowled well too but they allowed NZ to gain a slender lead from a precarious position. Mathews' outstanding ton in their second innings helped them set a competitive target. But another masterclass from Williamson and an outstanding innings from Mitchell ensured NZ went past the finish line.

Mitchell departed against the run of play but not before playing an outstanding knock, bringing the run rate under achievable terms. SL did have a small fightback from there as they chipped away at the wickets but Williamson was determined and kept the scoreboard ticking. He went past his century and was unstoppable. The game went down to the wire as 8 was needed off the last over. He scored a crucial boundary and that meant that NZ were in touching distance with 1 needed off 2. A dot ball followed and there was drama in the final ball but Williamson managed to make his ground with a brilliant dive, leading the crowd into a frenzy once the third umpire ruled it not out.

19:43 Local Time, 06:43 GMT, 12:13 IST: What a thrillier we have witnessed in Christchurch! Williamson has proved his genius once again. He kept his cool till the end to take his side to an outstanding victory which will be remembered for a long time! 37 overs were lost due to persistent rain early in the Day. But, that didn't deter NZ one bit. They required to chase 257 off 53 overs and it wasn't an easy task. Latham and Nicholls fell to the spin of Jayasuriya quite early but after that, Mitchell came in and led the upsurge for the hosts. Fresh from a ton in the first innings, Mitchell showed intent from the get go, scoring runs at a quick pace. Williamson was scratchy uptill then, but his partner's confidence rubbed off on him. KW found his mojo and scored the boundaries at will.

NZ: 285-8 after 70 overs

69.6Asitha Fernando to Williamson, byes, 1 run, That's it! What a thriller of a game! Williamson has done it for NZ, this knock will be remembered for a long time! Take a bow, champion! Shortish ball on middle and leg, Williamson looks to hook it away but misses. The batters take off as Dickwella lobs the ball back to Asitha Fernando. He fires in a throw as Williamson dives to get in as the ball strikes the stumps. Is he in? It is checked upstairs. Well, KW has made it in. A huge cheer from the crowd. That's what big players are made of and Williamson has proved his mettle once again

69.5 Asitha Fernando to Williamson, no run, dot ball! All happening! Short ball on off, is it too high? No, it is not called a wide. 1 needed from 1

69.4 Asitha Fernando to Williamson, FOUR, Williamson, you beauty! What a shot under pressure! There were two fielders in the deep and he found the gap to perfection! Full ball well outside off, Williamson reaches out to it and carves it through point and the fielders in the deep had no chance to cut it off. 1 needed from 2 now

Neil Wagner, left handed bat, comes to the crease

69.3Asitha Fernando to Williamson, out Matt Henry Run Out!! 1 run completed! Full-toss outside off, the batter shuffles across and clips it towards deep mid-wicket and the batters call for a couple. Henry is running to the danger end as the throw comes into Fernando. He collects the ball as the dive comes in from Henry as he struggles to make his crease when the bails are taken off. It is taken upstairs. Henry is short when the bails came off. Another twist in the game. Matt Henry run out (Rajitha/Asitha Fernando) 4(3)

Asitha Fernando to Williamson, THATS OUT!! Run Out!!

69.2 Asitha Fernando to Matt Henry, 1 run, very full ball around off, jammed away towards long-off for a single

69.1 Asitha Fernando to Williamson, 1 run, full ball, whipped away towards long-on as the batters take a run. Williamson wanted the second but he slipped as the throw comes in. 7 needed from 5 balls

NZ: 277-7 after 69 overs

68.6Kumara to Matt Henry, 2 runs, shortish ball, flat-batted towards long-off. The fielder from long-on covers good ground as he moves to his left and tries to keep the ball in play but has he made a mess of it in the end? Meanwhile, the batters take a couple. It is checked upstairs and the fielder is fine as he was not in contact with the ropes. His feet were up in the air over the ropes while the ball was in his hands

68.5Kumara to Williamson, 1 run, back of a length ball outside off, guided to third man for a single

68.4Kumara to Matt Henry, 1 run, full ball on off, driven to deep cover

Matt Henry, right handed bat, comes to the crease

68.3Kumara to Southee, out Caught by Dhananjaya!! Southee departs! Another twist in the game! A slower short ball, Southee goes for a pull across the line and makes decent contact as the ball flies towards deep mid-wicket. Dhananjaya calls for it as there's another fielder near him and takes it safely in the end. There was a bit of miscommunication between both the fielders but sanity prevailed in the end. NZ need 12 from 9. Southee c Dhananjaya b Kumara 1(2)

Kumara to Southee, THATS OUT!! Caught!!

68.2Kumara to Williamson, 1 run, full on leg, flicked away to deep square leg